Thursday, April 30, 2009

My new hobby!:)

Here is some more photography I did recently in SC and here in Washington! I don't know which ones were my favorites!

This is one of my favorite I took at the Port Royal Sands beach! Looks like a clorox commercial...hahaha. It was so pretty out. She's such a ham...she posed for every picture.

They clearly were enjoying this pose! :)

I took this shot at the waterfront park...the Azalea's were gorgeous!

One I shot in the garden. They were having a good time... When you can get the kids laughing and enjoying the experience...that's when the great shots come easy!

She didn't know I was shooting this photo!

So precious....i might just be a little bias;)

This is my adorable nephew, who was wonderful to photograph! He got to take a trip to the $ Store and get and ice cream!!! That dollar bribe will get ya lots of great shots!!!! :)

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HOPE said...

I LOVE this one of Cam! He is very photogenic isn't he!!

I love these photos..told Carrie I'd do her kids for that you showed me the 'secret'....backgrounds ect. I suppose ICE CREAM does help!...and for us the candy store we had gone in full of your choice! Glad Genevieve liked her paper candy dollars!