Sunday, April 26, 2009

We're moving NORTH....AGAIN!

So we got the news of our orders!!!! Yea!!! I can plan...well, after I found out when we're leaving, when we get a house, can I pack, ect....sigh....welcome to the Army!!! I sat my four children down(see above photo ;) and told them after getting over my initial shock that we were moving to New York...bordering Lake Ontario! Two years ago they had 20ft of I was told yesterday! Everyone says the same thing, "Yer gonna freeze!!!!"
No...NY was not on our wish list....guess that's why they call it a wish list, eh? Never been to NY other than the airport. We are excited about all the adventures we are going to have! My kids responded with excited chatter about visiting Niagra Falls(boy that spelling could be off) lol...the Statue of Liberty, ect....Genevieve asked if she would be able to build a snowman, mind you we come from a place where you gotta scrape the snow off the ground for a snowball ,and then it looks more like a mud pie! I said, "honey, you can build Cinderella's castle!" Her eyes got pretty big and she was mighty happy about all that snow! I had a sudden mental picture of the little boy in the movie The Christmas Story, where his mom bundled him up so much...he couldn't put his arms down and when he fell backward he couldn't get up!!!! I'll be sure to take pictures!
I'm wondering if my next car should be a king cab snowmobile! I said this to a girlfriend, who proceeded to tell me that her friend who lives in upstate NY attached a snow plow to the front of his truck! I was actually kidding about the snowmobile...;) Now I'm wondering....
I am thrilled that there seems to be so many good churches in the area....which equals great fellowship!!!! I'm excited to see what the Lord has in store for us...I know He has placed us there for a reason. I pray we may perform His desired will for us there.


Pam--in Estonia said...

I'm so excited to see what the Lord has planned for you in NY. What a fun (and cold) adventure! Your mom mentioned something about you being close to mountains... what a blessing for an avid hiker like yourself.
I'll pray that your move goes smoothly, and for your patience with the "hurry-up-and-wait" of the military!

HOPE said...

Oh my...MISSING you all already!!!!

I bet Beebers face did light up..Cinderellas castle!

How 'bout investing in some SNOW SHOES while you are at it! you know the tennis racket type! LOL

You will love it...and the LORD has HIS HAND in it all!

You did scare me for a moment with Iceland..I thought something had changed!!