Saturday, May 9, 2009

Our new home....for now...:)

Some photos at the campground we're staying out! For some reason, my computer decided not to let me move my photos to it's proper place in my blog here....hold on while I get my "Using a computer -for dummies" book;)

HOME SWEET HOME!!! Until June 1st that is! ;) I thought I'd share some pictures of our cozy little cabin. It has most of the comforts of home, minus running water....who needs running water? right! :P I've learned to be creative...I think that's my best talent...that seems to nurture and grow throughout the years! :) God blesses every mother with a least two things....patience & creativity!!! Okay back to the running water....we have a spigot out in front which the boys keep our pitcher filled and when I need to wash dishes I heat a bowl of water in the microwave...oops did I say came with one...I haven't used one in two years...but I'm getting pretty friendly with mine, since it does give me nice hot water!!! Ask me about the "no microwave policy" in another blog! ;) Anyway, we do have really nice bathrooms and showers just "down the road" from our cabin! I look on the bright side, if it were in my cabin I'd have to clean's one less room to clean:)
This is the "master suite"!!! Thank the Lord it has heat...because the last few days it has been really cold out and raining! On the opposite wall is a shelf with a tv and a dresser.

During the rainy days, the kids played board games, the girls worked on their sewing projects, and we read the mountain of library books we borrowed!!!:)

The girls have enjoyed cross-stitching! We currently working on cross-stitching some quilt blocks a friend gave us!!!! There's about 18 blocks!!!

Genevieve is working on a block and listening to her ipod!!!

Ah yes! I couldn't resist a little photography yesterday! It was a beautiful day and the girls were begging for flower wreaths so here you go!!! Oh! You can actually rent covered wagons to sleep in so they made wonderful props for my "studio"!

They didn't look real comfortable inside, but the kids enjoyed playing on them and seeing a "real covered wagon" from pioneer days. Keep in touch--it's gets lonely out here in the woods!!! I'll post more pics of our adventures soon! ~ArmyWife~


HOPE said...

It is sooo CUTE and mighty COZY too!

Great photography as usual! LOVE IT! did say you liked the great outdoors and camping!!

Atleast there are no BUGS there to bother you!

Now onto the roasted marshmallows..please!


Pam--in Estonia said...

Looks like you're having fun and making the most of your temporary home!
I'll be interested to read your "no microwave' post!!

Enjoying Life said...

Cheers to you and yours as you continue embracing life's adventures!
I promise I really am going to start blogging!!!.....soon. :-) I have no excuses.
Thinking of you and praying for you all! ~ LeAnn in SC