Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Home at last!

Hi everyone!!! Thank you everyone for your prayers. We are in New York, after five days in the truck! :P I will try to post pictures of our journey once we get our "stuff". The Army will tell us tomorrow when they expect our things to arrive, which includes my beloved computer! So meanwhile we are chillin' in our big, empty house. The house is over a hundred yrs. old with lots of space! We found it in an adorable little town outside the army base. We are within walking distance to everything! Oh yes, and even better that we're within walking distance to the library! The library is in the same building it's been in since 1806...so it's a beautiful old building and we fell in love with it. Most of the store fronts and homes are dated back to the early 1800's, so it makes this town exceptionally unique. We have been walking every evening, exploring the little town and always manage to find something new that excites us and makes us thankful we were led to this wonderful place. :)

We had a beautiful, sunny drive the whole way to NY from WA...PTL! We spent almost a whole day in Yellowstone National Park and even stayed to watch Old Faithful spout it's hundred foot geyser. Gave me chill bumps! The park was so amazing and we took hundreds of photos..thank you whoever invented digital cameras!!! lol....We were in "traffic" about twenty minutes leaving the park....traffic being a whole herd of buffalos and their babies! We also got to see a grizzly bear, fox, two eagles, and lots of other critters! In Wisconsin, we went to a cheese chalet and enjoyed homeade chocolate and cheese samples. The kids liked swimming everynight at the hotels.

I don't have phone service until my computer comes as T-mobile does not get reception in my area...so I will try to call when my router and computer get in...meanwhile I can take emails and check my messages when I visit the library!!!

Pictures coming!!!:)


HOPE said...


I too am so thankful the LORD put you in such a nice HAPPY place!

Hugs...and lots of LOVE

Pam--in Estonia said...

I'm so glad you're loving it so much there!

Carrie said...

Your new home sounds wonderful!! So glad you all made it safe and sound and are loving your new hometown. Can't wait to see your pictures.