Monday, June 29, 2009

Yellowstone park

I thought I would blog a little about our trip to NY before I show you my house:) We stopped at West Yellowstone...yes there is an east and west entrance to this's HUGE! We wanted to see Old Faithful! I love to be able to tour the country and stop at all our nation's landmarks. So we stopped in Montana and took a break from all the driving to spend the day here! It was about two hours out of our way, but it was definitely worth it!!! We learned so many new things like...Did you know Yellowstone gets 2000 earthquakes in a year? Most are too small to really feel, but these earthquakes provide just the right conditions to make these boiling hot springs deep in our earth rise to the service and they are beautiful to look at! Enjoy the pictures and make an opportunity to stop and see this park if you're ever in Montana or Wyoming:)

We saw so many Buffalos and their babies! They were everywhere!!! At one
point we were stuck in "traffic" waiting for the herd to get off the road!

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