Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Toothbrush Rug!

Hi everyone! Here is a project I've been working on while hubby was in army training...It's called a Toothbrush rug. It's been fun to work on...definitely something you can pick up or put down whenever-you-feel-like project.

Similar to the braided rug, but this is a bunch of knots...very easy to make! You can make a whole row one color or use all different lenths of strips and colors for a shabby chic look. Mine is Americana and the print is mostly stars with some gingham!

All fabric was purchased at Joann's, but the cheapest way to make this rug, especially if you want to make a large size, is to look for colored sheets or sheets with small prints. Then you tear the sheets into two-inch strips and you get a LOT of strips to work with...check your thrift stores before buying any though! Small prints work best because you can see the print in the rug.

I took a picture of the toothbrush used as your needle for your can look up instructions at Aunt Philly's toothbrush rugs online. Some quilts shops or fabric stores may carry the toothbrushes...People long ago used to make the needles from toothbrushes, but I haven't been able to find any toothbrushes with the hole in the bottom. Joann's may carry them as they were even offering classes on making these rugs! There are also different patters of rugs on Aunt Philly's website as well!

Two inch strips torn. Instead of using scissors or a blade to cut strips...simply cut two inch slits across the top of the sheet or fabric and have your friend or child pull every other tap opposite of you. Together pull strips completely off...they should be even two inch strips!

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HOPE said...


Off to Joann's online to SEE if they have the toothbrush.

Carrie said...

Hey Aubrey!! I'm finally back online. My modem went out and had to get a new one from the phone company. Anyway, your house and town look so quaint, like right out of a fairy tale! Your rug is cute, too. It's good to hear from you.