Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day 2

Took my kids to church today! Wonderful day...lots of laughing, talking, enjoying God's people, little people, and reading God's Word together.

This afternoon I got busy on a pair of jeans I was trying to make into a skirt. My daughter is going through a growth spirt or something. Overnight her clothes have shrunk! So I took some jeans and cut the legs off and ripped the seams out. Today I added the fabric from scraps I had been given, and made a ruffle also! I think it turned out so cute...and best of all my daughter loved it! She's nine yrs old...I really didn't know if she would like it or not, but she wore it to church tonight. :) I also cut out a jumper/dress for her out of some leftover fabric I had and will put it together tomorrow. I don't have a pattern, so I used one of her other dresses to cut a pattern out and just added some seam allowance around the pattern. This has been a good experience...the whole thing of not just rushing to Kohls or Target and spending a fortune on clothes, instead my creative juices began flowing because I had the mind to repurpose what I had...and I don't think I could have bought a cuter skirt! It's truly so much more satisfying to completely do something on your own, using your own hands, mind, and senses.

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