Saturday, August 15, 2009

My first journal entry for our first weekend in the slow year

What a long day...productive but long! Today I made laundry soap...five gallons. My house smelled sooo good :) Way too hot of a day to be making it though. My recipe I used is:

2 bars of Ivory soap grated to melt in a quart of water.
2 cups of washing soda
2 cups of borax

lavender or eucalyptis optional

I wanted to make more but I needed a bigger bucket. I'll be keeping an eye out for a paint bucket.:)

I washed 4 loads and hung them out to dry on the clothesline! It was so hot, they dried quickly...good for my laundry...not for me...ick...

I made dinner, which consisted of Swiss Casserole, because it is my son's favorite and today was his 11th birthday! And a nice green salad fresh from the farmer's garden. I was going to make some French bread to go with it, but I started on the homeade cupcakes and cream cheese icing was sooooo good! Here's my cream cheese recipe:

4 oz of butter
1/4 cup of honey
1 tsp of vanilla, or lemon rind, or orange rind

I could've eaten the whole bowl! I didn't...saving it for some bagels!

Oh I hung some curtains I found in the linen closet for the kitchen.

I am taking baby steps for our slow year! I will not be buying anything new, with the exception of some foods...and if I NEED something I will go thrifting or yard sailing. It is a huge step for me not to buy anything new...this means say no to Target, Ross, TJ MAxx, Peir One, ebay (wait a minute that would be thrifting right?) kidding... I NEED a blender. The Army lost it in transit or gave it to someone else or something...I don't have a blender! I can't make my kefir or green smoothies without my blender. So sometime next week I will go hunting for one!

Also being more conscience of our use of paper or plastic products. Funny story...well anyway, maybe it's not funny, but I really don't understand people some times...I bought some washing soda and laid my green bag on the counter so the cashier could put my stuff in the bag. She rang up my things and then proceeded to stuff my green bag into a PlASTIC bag! Oh my goodness...I'm speechless at this point! My son pointed to the bag and asked if she would please use the green bag! :)

What would you have said? :)

I look foward to the slow year to de-clutter my life, spend more time with my husband and children, save money for our future, to know by experiencing the slow life that money doesn't bring happiness and it is not in material things.

I want to put more into enjoying experiences, new places, beautiful sights, than to put all our effort, time and money into keeping up with the world standards. I feel so lucky to have already been so many places in our many travels across the country. I have so many memories of our moments together during these times that I will cherish forever. I think I'm all camped out though for the year though...after cooking over a campfire for so long this past year...I'm enjoying my stove and fridge for now! I miss the late nights around the fire chatting with my husband though...and all the wildlife around our cabin! I miss Washington...someday we will be back!


Audra said...

Aubrey, I too make home made laundry soap and fabric softener. I post the recipe on my blog for the fabric softener and so far NO ONE has noticed a difference. I also use 1/4 cup vinegar as a rinsing agent. I am thrilled to hear about your slow year as I am going to be putting mine into action on Sept. 1st. Another blog that has inspired me is These Days In French Life, Riana has wonderful ideas and helpful hints.

Best wishes. Will send recipe for chicken chilies soon.

Audra said...

Aubrey, I have questions about your slow year. I have been following Riana at These Days In French Life and am inspired so much that I am starting my slow year in September. I have a few more questions though about your slow year, what guidelines your are going with etc.

Would you send me your email address at I know you have your hands full, I promise to be brief...:) I really need a few pointers to how it's going for you in the early stages.