Monday, August 24, 2009

school is in session:)

What a busy day and I didn't even step one toenail out the door...number one because I had a whole construction crew ripping out the sidewalk in front of my house which is like only a few feet from my as much as I wanted to enjoy the cool breezy weather, I stayed indoors and opened my windows upstairs.

Today was our first day of school. It went smoothly and everyone was in the school spirit! Yea!

Michael is due home on Thursday, crossing my fingers, toes, and knocking on's the army nothing's set in stone. The kids are missing him terribly, he's the life of the party around here...obvious tonight at the dinner table when I had 4 pairs of eyeballs staring at me while I ate...I talked so much in school today I was just dead tired and wanted to crawl under the couch for awhile for some peace and quiet! Dad is usually the conversationalist at dinner, entertaining with stories and antics. What am I gonna do for a whole year? I think we'll have dinner and music....hmmm...this house is a hundred years old there's gotta be a hidden room somewhere I can go for solitude. ;) But then I get where I crave conversation...with big people.

Today's little people topics were; what we're having for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the history of avery's model airplane and did I realize that Greeks fought in WWII? No, I didn't know that. When is daddy coming home(for the sixth time)? and did I know that there are shrimp that eat pests off of other fish. Yes I think so. And why didn't you teach me to read when I was three? (says Geneiveve) Well, because I was still teaching the six year old to read! And I figured what's the rush you're not going anywhere anytime soon! Then there's the child that wanted to talk with the most anoying British accent all day long! Well, I assure you, I'm far from bored these days, even with a missing husband!

I repurposed some boards from an old bunkbed today. I used my wonder jigsaw! I cut the pieces to size, spray-painted them black and painted some letters on them, I also used the CTMH flower adn heart stamp for embellishments! I LOVE them....signs add character and charm to your house!


Carrie said...

Sounds like your school year is off to a great start! I like your signs.....I'm thinking Sam has all sorts of lumber left over from various projects just laying around..... what could I do with it?

HOPE said...

I know what you can do with them Carrie!!!

I loved this I always love the lives of these little ones...such precious thoughts and words come from their little hearts. Why didn't you teach me to read at THREE....yep that's her! Now, why didn't WE think of that!! But, of course..and why not Algerbra while you are at it!

Love the signs... okay off to purchase a BOX of spray paint cans!


HOPE said...

Oh understand the life I lived for YEARS!!

It's a MOM's life...

and a good rewarding one with special memories!