Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hats and Rugs!!!

First let me say thank you to all of you who left such lovely, encouraging words on my last post! I know your prayers and kind words will surely carry me through difficult days ahead! Thank you!!!

I'm getting ready for a craft fair on Saturday with my neighbor Jessica! Here are a couple of pics of the hats I made. Let me know if you want one:) I have TONS! All different colors too. I made some pink also with black flowers, I have sage green, khaki, and some made with ribbon and polka dots! What do you think of these? Is the flower too much? ;)

I also am selling these toothbrush rugs I made! They are handmade and washable! These are just two of my favorite I took pics of! Most are Primitive Country and the pink one you see is more shabby chic/cottage style! They are perfect for under the sink in the bathroom or kitchen...and I can make them whatevery size I want I don't really follow a pattern. Let me know if you want one of these too:) I'm debating whether to open my etsy shop I keep talking about! Maybe after hubby deploys.

There could possibly be a rug giveway in celebration of my 100th post!!!!!!!!!!!! So keep in touch! :)

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Audra said...

You know I want at least two or three! One for me, one for the college diva and one for my niece Kimberlee. I want one just like the one you are modeling! I will check with the Diva to see what color she would like then email you with an order. Kimberlee loves, pink, any shade. Love these! You are so creative!

Sharon said...


You and your daughter look adorable! I love your hats :) The rugs are very nice too! I wish I could crochet.

Please thank your husband for his service. We are so blessed to have so many men and women standing up for our country. Our Military (and families) are always in our prayers.

Thanks for visiting my blog and have a blessed evening :)


HOPE said...

OH MY!! the black hat with the flower is GORGEOUS!! I love the little stems coming out! How creative!!

The rugs are very very nice!

I'll put in my order for a few rugs! ;)


J.H said...

That's such a cute hat :-) You look great wearing it!

Carrie said...

The hats are adorable!! Amanda loves to wear hats of all kind, and her favorite color is yellow and blue!! I would like to place an order for one, please!! (her birthday is Oct. 7) And winter will be here soon. The rugs are adorable, too. I must find out how to make them. Are you actually using t shirts, or scraps of fabric?

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Hi Aubrey ~ I'd be interested in ordering one of your hats. The black one in the top picture with the flower (is that you modeling it?). I didn't see another way to contact you and read that you haven't opened an Etsy shop yet, so if you could let me know. My email is kathyp(at)creativehomeexpressions(dot)com. Thanks so much! Kathy