Wednesday, September 16, 2009

mmm...enjoying the sights and feel of Autumn

The last couple days have been so beautiful here! I couldn't stay inside any longer, so we took the "classroom" outside! Here's some photos I took on our hike.

We climbed up a rather steep hill...following this ATV trail...and came upon this beautiful meadow!

Can anyone tell me the name of this lovely flower?

My favorite time of the year is definitely fall!

I LOVE Black-eyed Susans!

The sky was my favorite backdrop today! And who isn't curious about what a flower looks like from an ant's point of view?

If you would like to read about our science class adventure, head over to my blog!


J.H said...

I really love the picture you took :-) I am still learning lots of photography stuff from other bloggers too.
You probably wanted to consider putting your picture in flickr or photobucket to make it looks more crisp in blogspot (blogspot compress the picture while you uploading it).
And you have four beautiful children! What a joy :-) One day I hope I'll have as many as that!

HOPE said...

FANTASTIC photos!!!

I just LOVE the ants point of view...what a great shot!

I love Fall too...cozy time...but missing my families cozy hugs...

Love you all..