Sunday, October 25, 2009

More is caught than taught

Well, it is midnight here, but I had to blog this post. It's been
on my heart for awhile and ...there....
I have finally got the words out:)

"More is caught than taught" A popular saying that
recently is ringing more close to home!

I don't know about you, but in all my striving to put my whole
heart into my devotions and chatting about God to my children,
I still feel I fall short of exemplifying who Christ is to my

They form a picture of who God is, by what I protray Him to be!

Pretty sobering thought.

Am I portraying a Lord they will one day be willing to forsake
all and follow?

How do I teach my children that God is loving, compassionate,
forgiving, merciful, longsuffering, patient, delivers righteous
judgement, rewarder of those that do good,a hater of sin.

I find that the best way I can possibly teach these attributes of God
so that they learn to know Him, is to live "Christ-like".
I will never be perfect, nor able to perfectly show forth these
attributes of God, but God enables me with power and wisdom to
give my children a glimspe of Him through me.

I can love them, and be loving and compassionate to others, and they
see God is love and full of compassion.

Example: (Mom takes dinner to the neighbor because she's been sick,
stops to speak to the teen girl in the back of the church and
encourages her even though she's different, stays up to read to a
sick child, sings to the elderly, picks up the phone to let a
friend knows she cares and is praying for her.)

I tell them God forgives sin. I can forgive my children their
faults and not provoke them to anger. Restoring a relationship
with them, because that's what God does when He forgives.

Example: (Acknowledging my child is a sinner and forgive them
when they mess up, not bringing it up again, and letting them
know and feel their relationship is important to me. I encourage
them and help them do better and be stronger. And because of our
relationship, my loving-kindness, goodness and mercy to them draws
them to repent to restore our broken relationship.)

I tell them God will hear their cry and answer their prayer.

Example: by listening attentively to them even if I don't think it's
that important, and patiently answering their questions. Being aware
of their feelings and unspoken words so that I may attend to their
needs and answer accordingly. By this my children understand that
God IS there when we cry unto Him! It's no matter your age or your
ability, God will listen and answer.

I tell them God is longsuffering.

Example: by enduring the hardships or trials I go through with
prayer and faith, by loving and praying for the person who speaks
ill towards me, by bearing my burdens with a meek and quiet spirit.

I tell them Jesus is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.

Example: The friends they see me laugh with are the friends they also
see me cry and pray with. I am my children's friend. They are not
just little people I like to dress up or cows that need to be watered
or fed, they are growing and blooming into servants that God wishes to
perform His work in. I can be their friend at any age, that's how I can
build a close relationship with that they can put their faith
and trust in me. "what a friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and
griefs to bear"

I tell them God hates sin and judges the righteous.

Example: I am quick to rebuke sin and will not tolerate disobedience.
They understand that sin is sin...there is no grey area. It's black
or white. There are no white lies, lying period is a sin. They
understand there are always consequences for their sin. That they
must stand before their parents to give account for the wrong they've
done. So they see that God requires the same. I show them true
repentence by humbling myself even before my children and confessing
my wrong and asking their forgiveness when I've hurt them or committed
sin before them.

I tell them that God blesses the righteous and plentifully
rewardeth the upright.

Example: I offer praises to them when I see their faithfulness to their
hores and schoolwork, and good attitude. I reward their good works and
their upright behavior. I don't critize them to get them to do better
if I see they've given their best. Instead I praise them for their
effort and encourage them by doing so. They will take great delight
in pleasing me, and will seek to feel my pride and joy in them and
their good work!

So I wonder tonight if my actions are speaking louder than my words?
As I speak of the marvelous characteristics of Christ, am I revealing
a glimpse of these in my daily walk through life?

If I am cold, indifferent, unforgiving, gossipy, angry, bitter, selfish,
and uncharitable in my Christian walk day after day, I am telling
my kids that I really don't believe God is loving, kind, merciful,
forgiving, or longsuffering. To them I am a cantankerous, angry,
bitter woman whom they try to steer clear of lest they be yelled
at or humiliated in front of.

How I want them to know what the love of God feels like! What it feels
like to have your sins forgiven, cast into the deepest sea, removed
as far as from the east is to the west! How it feels to have a prayer
answered and a need met! To have a friend like Jesus that is near you
in your darkest hours of know that HE is listening! I want
them to fear a HOLY God who cannot look upon their sin, and they MUST
repent and return to the Lord...and find the mercies and loving
kindnesses of Him.

I hope they find the joy and peace of serving the Lord more
rewarding than fulfilling their dreams and amibitions in the world!

I was pondering the severity of this thought: I only have them
ONCE...I cannot do it again...if I should fail!

I know there is not a parent out there that has it all down pact...the
answers to all our questions.

But if I should be successful at anything as a mom, I pray
that I can paint a clear picture of who God is to my children.


J.H said...

That's a great post Aubrey, sometimes as parents we like our children juga do what we say, and not what we do.

A.B. said...

Sobering thoughts and at the same time inspiring. I just read something along a different vein and yet the same thought several minutes ago from a friend's blog. She wrote:

"We homemakers have the privilege and freedom of keeping our Bibles open on our kitchen counters to read when we get a chance, to leave index cards all over the place, of our favorite verses and quotes, to drop down on our knees at any time of the day or night, to pray, and to let our minds soar up above, to Him, as our hands our busy with our house chores. We can speak of Jesus to our little ones, and teach them to love Him, too."

There is so much that we can do, if we we will just do it. It is so easy to have excuses of our busy lives but we can weave a reality of God into our life and the life of our children if we are thoughtful and truly love God like we say we do. Thanks for these great reminders!

Shannon said...

This is a great post. Now that I will be a mom in a few months I have been thinking on some of these very thoughts. Thank you for this!