Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dear Diary...Its Sunday already

I think I did my hair with one eye open this morning
as I got ready for church.
I've had insomnia real bad
lately. Someone tell me I'll actually sleep...eventually
after soldier is deployed! Or maybe not.

Coming into a different side of the base, my oldest
daughter says as we go through the gate.."I don't
remember this, where are we?"

Little sister (7 yrs old) says, " Well Haleigh,
Welcome to my world!" LOLOL

She also told us on the way home..."I decided I
don't want to be a horse trainer when I grow up,
I want to open my own restaraunt and call it,

"Squeaky Burger". I might just order fries when I
visit! ;)

I will be so sad when they grow out of this silly stage.

Have you toured the HGTV house on Hilton Head? It was one of
there giveaway homes you could win! It was done in green! My
new favorite color in decor! Anyway, I LOVE, LOVE , LOVE this
kitchen...especially the houndstooth pillows! To die for!
I must shop for this fabric...And you all know I love white slipcovers!
There is so much eye candy in this picture!
Lovin" the green candleholders!



HOPE said...

I hope they never grow out of their cuteness either...My journal continues to be filled with hilarious stories by the soldiers kids!

That was too cute...

Uh oh..SQUEAKY burger...mmm?


Yummy Mummy said...

Squeaky burger? Sounds like something my puppies would enjoy :)

That kitchen is to die for!

Ayesha said...

Hey Aub! I wanted to email you some Christian piano music I thought you may enjoy--but don't have your email address. You could message me on fb. Thanks!

Jessica said...

What a bunch of silly girls you have, don't you love the things kids say? Hope you are holding up alright with all the stuff you have going on at your house! Just know we are here if you need us!

J.H said...

wow, lovely dining room that you have posted there :-)
Really like the ambience and the colour, makes me feel cozy.