Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dear Diary....25 things...

1. I never dye or highlight my hair ...ever.

2. I don't drink coffee...I have a cup of herbal tea every day.

3. I don't like seafood...but recently..I'm trying to.

4. I don't read fiction.

5. I've moved 14 times in the 14 years I've been married...we're moving again next year!
6. I learned how to read and write in French...while living in Switzerland.

7. I was hit by a car when I was seven...in Switzerland.

8. I cannot make decisions to save my life (blame that on #7)

9. I want to live in a yurt on the beach.

10. I've been published a few times and one day hope to publish my children's books.

11. I think dreads are beautiful.

12. I consume history books.

13. My nickname is Lucy.

14. I'm in school to become a Master Herbalist.

15. I love to play classical piano, but I can't play it in public.

16. I'm afraid of the dark.

17. I will always own a cat...or two.

18. I will be 35 yrs old in Feb....I think I will have a 70's party!

19. My dad named me Aubrey after the song "Aubrey" by Bread.

20. I don't have a tatoo and my belly button is not pierced.

21. I'm completely spontaneous and drive or walk into many adventures and destinations.

22. I've homeschooled for eight years now.

23. I make bucket lists....I want to go on a hot air balloon ride next...

24. I like to sew and design my own clothes for me and my girls.

25. My husband and I are renewing our vows next year for our 15th year anniversary.

26. I've been mistaken for a movie star a few times...oops that was 26! :)

If you "lurk" or follow my blog...I would really love to hear something about you and get to know you better!

Cheers~ Army Wife~


Agnes said...

Ah that was fun!!
You have travelled soooo much -- you're totally a world traveller in my book :-)

hushmama said...

ha. i want to live in a yurt too.

HOPE said...

I know 25 million more things about you...

they all start with..


Hugs...to the moon and back!

HOPE said...

I know 25 million more things about you...

they all start with..


Hugs...to the moon and back!

Abby said...

Do you know where you will be moving next??
One thing about me... I DO have tattoos. 3 to be exact:)

~~Deby said...

I do read fiction, only Christian and I have strong covictions...on it..mostly Grace Livingston Hill as there is always something the Lord uses to convict me in some area of my life...I too have a long list of moving..over 30 times if I remember right...
Next year we are celebrating our 40th anniversary, we have not decided what to do. WE have become real homebodies after living and traveling overseas for so many years...I DETEST hotels...
...enough ????
BTW...I think you are very creative !

Sidney said...

Handsome kids in the top picture !

Interesting facts about you!

JeNaSis DeSiGn said...

What fun to read all those!! =D Hey I would love to design you a custom (Army-Wifey) blog...if you would want me to, hehe.

Ayesha said...

So whats your favorite classical piece? I don't do well in public either, but love love to play piano!