Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dear Diary...Cider Mill and vintage clothes

The weather promised sunshine and warm temperatures! It was cold, wet, and miserable out! That didn't stop us from heading to the cider mill outside of town in anticipation of some of those delicious cider donuts and sweet apple cider. I was not disappointed....it was delicious and we got to whatch them use the cider press, sort the apples, and pour the cider!

Next we headed around the corner to get a photoshoot of mom and dad. Dad does not like have his pictures taken...I had to move swiftly and not mushy posing...:)

Now for modeling vintage/anthropologie style(my version) :) What do you think?

Next~ we headed to the hobby store that was closed yesterday...my dad bought the kids some vintage model airplanes to put together. We they came home it was hobby class and dad was teaching! :) Can't wait to hang these from the boy's ceiling! I LOVE vintage war planes! I know ...I'm weird...I love history and anything vintage...so yes that would include antique war planes! I'll post pics when they are hung in place.

We skipped a tour of Sacketts Harbor today as it was raining really hard. We came home to relax, but not before mom decided a stop at the post thrift store was in order ( it's only open on tues and thurs) Aha...then we stopped at the post museum to read a little history...came home to crash....had popcorn while watching an old pearl harbor movie. Awesome day!

Oh...did you know today marks the day on the calender we honor and remember our POW's and MIA's. "You will never be forgotten" RIP!!!

Army wife saying goodnight for now~


Agnes said...

I love everything, the blouse, the skirt, THE BOOTS, everything. But you already knew that :-)

Also, the photos of your parents are amazing.

Have a good night Aubrey.

Audra said...

Love the gorgeous outfit! No one would ever know it was thrifted! Your pictures transport us to the area, I could almost taste the donuts and yummy cider! Perfect picture of your parents, they look so happy, I sincerely hope Fly Guy and I are that happy at that point in our lives.

Happy Wednesday...Hope you had wonderful rest and perfect dreams.

Aubrey said...

Thank you Agnes! Tomorrow I shall model another thrifty find! ;)

Audra~ I've really missed you! You're such a kindred spirit! :)