Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dear Diary...hobby stores, museums and photos

Headed to Syracuse today....found an awesome hobby bought me my first model to put together...vintage model airplane. Whoo-hoo...and a woodburning make my vintage jewelry with...yep going to start working on my jewelry again. Can't wait to show you my first piece. :)

Went to Museum of Science and Techonology...and saw an Imax film. I definitely recommend this if you're interested in finding info on it. We really enjoyed it! Then we had fun shooting photos...of course.

City made of toothpics....3 million to be exact!!! Pretty cool!

At the IMAX with papa!

Fall maybe here, but these roses were still blooming downtown!

Off to drink a hot cup of apple cider~ Army wife


Agnes said...

Aubrey, these are the best photos, ever! Everyone looks so happy. I know I said 3 of your kids look just like you but I now think all 4 of them do :-) Your kids are beautiful -- just like their mommy.

Paula Kathlyn said...

I love all these pictures you are posting!
Ps...I would LOVE your recipes!!!
We are up for all kinds of foods :)

Kelly Johnson said...

Really enjoy reading your blog. Tell your mom hello for me. I tried calling and then I read your blog!! The photos are wonderful! Wish you lived close so I could get you to do some flattering photos of me in my short "do"!!

J.H said...

really love your boots and your outfit :-)