Friday, September 10, 2010

Dear Diary....what I think about burning the Koran

There's probably a lot of crap in the media I would just ignore or read in passing with little interest, as this world is only a temporary home to me, however, being an army wife kinda changes your perspective on things. Especially, when your married to a soldier and he is very deep in politics himself.

Recently I was asked a few times what my oppinion is of the burning of the Koran.
This story in news recently caught my attention but it hits very close to home being that my husband is serving in Afganistan and is very often put in a hostile situation on many of his missions of late. I'm sure you've heard of the pastor in Gainsville, FL advertising freely of his intent on "burn the Koran day" on Sept 11, 2010. This is specifically intended to take place on the anniversary of Sept 11!

While I am grateful for the freedoms we have in this country, one of them being the Freedom of Speech, I as a Christian believe that while we may possess these liberties we're not to use them as a stumbling block to others. This one might has well be a concrete wall. God also says "Vengance is mine, I will replay, saith the Lord."

I believe this pastor is hypocritical to the highest decree in burning the Koran on Sept 11! He is putting the lives of my husband and fellow troops in danger over a book burning party. Obviously we know that the Sept 11 marks the anniversary of the tragic day our country was attacked by terrorists, many lives were lost and as a result of it, our troops are oversease fighting against these terrorists. So in this pastor's attempt to "show his liberty" or "get even" He is jepordizing the lives of the very people who are fighting for what happened on Sept 11. He is giving these terrorists another opportunity to attack us, our troops in particular. He is causing this country and the lives of another country more harm than good!!!

This is not a show of liberty or freedom of speech, this is a HATE crime. A real man of God is out to tell the people of God's love and forgiveness. The gospel of the TRUE Christ is that HE loved the world so much He died on the cross to save a world from sin, death, and Hell. Jesus never went around burning books, buildings, Pharisees robes, ect. He went around healing the sick, lame, restoring sight to the blind, and eating with sinners to tell them of His Love and their need of a Saviour.

Instead of burning religious books and sending a message of HATE, perhaps he should consider what the Scriptures say about sending messages. We're specifically given the commandment to "go out and preach the gospel"! That's the ONLY message we're commanded to go out and preach!

So you asked, and that's the humble opionion of an ARMY WIFE.


Agnes said...

Well said Aubrey.

HOPE said...

AMEN! Obviously this "PASTOR" forgot his calling as you said to PREACH THE GOSPEL...
It is sad as he will accomplish NOTHING by this. The BIBLE also says..overcome evil with GOOD.


Ayesha said...


Meg Martin said...

Well said.. I couldn't agree more.