Friday, April 15, 2011

Meeting my two nephews

We had a super fast busy weekend with some of my family back home in South Carolina. I felt bad leaving my poor mom...five kids and 13 grandkids and she rarely gets to see any of them. In fact I'm headed this week to California to see all my west coast family, to include a younger sister who has since married and had a baby....... since I last saw her.

I'm certain my poor mother expected that her five children would settle and marry around her, with sunday dinners together and trips to the park with the grandkids. On the contrary, we all left within three years! And now we are literally scattered across the globe...with a sister in Japan...two siblings on the west coast, one on the east coast and I'm moving to Germany this summer. It's sad that we siblings are so close and yet live so far apart!!! We all seem to possess a bit of an adventurous spirit and bad case of wanderlust.

Mainly me I think.....I get restless in the same spot after too long....I'm ready to meet new people, try new things, and see new places!!

Got to meet my two new nephews, Asher and Nolan....The proud happy parents you see are my brother Nathan and his wife Molly...who is definitely more like a sister than sister-n-law! :)
I took so many photos of my nephews they will probably need glasses from the flash on my camera!

Seriously~ How can you not love a face like this????

Or this one???A pic of me and Nolan at the park....btw....I forget how bad the humidity can be in SC..there is no point in straightening or curling my hair this this is what I'm left with...a rat's nest of a hairdo! Anyone recommend a good hair mousse...or some kind of "control your curls with dignity" product??? Thank you!

My awesome brother Nathan... I love him beyond words...Oh and I think it's really cool that he's a surfer...and he is an incredible artist! :)

And last but not least....our family photo....I don't even know how my brother got his face like that! That is scary!

Prayers to all those who are enduring this awful storm cell... Stay safe!! XO



Ramblings of a Mad Woman said...

AWE!!! Nathan's family is beautiful!!

Ayesha said...

Nathan still draws?? Tell him I'm still waiting on my wedding gift----lol---been waiting for fifteen years. He gave me replica of the real thing--that he rushed to do at the last minute. But, I had no idea he was still into art---I was one of his first fans....

Aubrey said...

I will tell him Ayesha!! :)

Perspective said...

Okay...Now you've just about got me in tears! I certainly feel your mom's pain. Having children myself, FINALLY, I am already sad about the day they leave the house and move onto their own lives. (especially boys!) You are certainly more like a sister to me than a sister in law :D As I have no sisters of my own, I so appreciate the sister you've been to me...and the sisters your sisters have been to me! I'm pretty sure that nobody noticed your so called "rats nest" I would love to have "rats nest" hair like yours! I think it's beautiful! Have fun in CA and give everybody our love....And give Brady a big sloppy kiss from us...and Ruthie a squeeze from us she'll never forget..and Brett too...well maybe a high five or something :D Love all of the pictures. YOu did a great job!

HOPE said...

The comfort of the knowing I will be with ALL my children in HEAVEN one day....

You are so right greatest trial in this life...separation from family.

But God is my refuge and strength.

I am thankful for the memorable moments I cherish...and reflect upon daily.

My family is precious to me. I love you all so very much and thank the LORD for the blessed joys you each bring to my life.