Friday, November 18, 2011


Meet Milo…our newest family addition…a Jack Russel Terrier! We adopted him from very poor conditions :( He’s been mistreated for who knows how long, but he is now in a wonderful new home with lots of love and attention. 

He is nine years old…I know..too old to be rehoming again. He is still very much active and loves to play fetch with his new squeaky ball.  He is soooo smart…he know so many tricks and loves showing off for his new family.

Haleigh managed to snap a few pics before the camera battery died…more to come in the future I’m sure.





I think he loves the camera too! :)

aubrey xo


HOPE said...

Hello MILO!!!

You are sooo cute...and photogenic!!!

Hug all them kids for me!!!

Paws Up!
Gus and Ziggy

bradycharles said...

He's a keeper & a fat keeper at that :) Hi Milo :)

Shalmalee.... said...

Hey i had to catch up on your posts and i am glad i did...hope u r having a grt time in Germany :)

HOPE said...


THINKING OF YOU ALL with much THANKFULNESS of all your love shown to us and for making us so happy!!!


Grace said...

Hi Milo! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are very thankful for the great family you are now part of : )