Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bedroom pics and other news…

The snow is here…maybe it will stick long enough to go snowboarding?  It has been snowing off and on the past few weeks, but by the middle of the day it is gone. :(

View from our front window…



I have traded in my knitting needles for a crochet needle.  I like to crochet better. Lazy version I think of knitting. :)  I finished this slouchy hat for Genevieve.


I’ve got the hiking bug bad…must be getting close to spring! :)  We found a HUGE trail system close to our neighborhood, so we set off to hike one of them this past weekend.  (This is the point where we lost the trail and big tough soldier man made us climb this hill to find the trail again :P)

Here is MILO, Haleigh’s dog, he wanted to carry this stick home, he gave up shortly after! :)

The girls with their friend here, earned their cookie badge selling cookies at the comissary!


In “around-the-house” news, I’ve hung two shelves for my music library…still organizing and hunting up all my music…I think I will like this storage method better.


Remember that plaid fabric I showed yall awhile back…well I got them hung…I will eventually put some tailored pleats in them, but too much going on with another deployment coming up right now.  So here is photos of my room for now…still lots I want to do….I need to go pillow shopping for one.



I love scentsy so much I decided to sell it myself! :)  See the beautiful lantern you can get through scentsy!? If you are not familiar with scentsy…it is a wickless candle..healthier for you because it does not evaporate wax with harmful chemicals and toxins in the air.


Put my son’s drawing of the Eiffel tower here on the shabby chic shelf I did and the initial of our last name I spray-painted in black!  I hang my favorite scarves and sweaters here. :)


Not really putting a lot of COLOR in here…mostly tone on tone colors…I want it to stay relaxing and muted.




Anything exciting in your corner of the world??? I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to!

Aubrey xo


Agnes said...

I love your bedroom Aubrey, it turned out really nice. And your view is breathtaking!

HOPE said...


Why did you have to move so far away..I need a room redo too.

I am doing the bathroom and painting the seaside cottage one a nice blue color to contrast the white and my sweet COTTAGE sign you made me with the yellow.

The girls looks so stylish with their scarves...and growing up!!

Recd my FUN GERMAN pkg. today!!!

So much to enjoy and full of LOVE flowing out of it...

Missng you and loving you all..


Loree said...

It looks so cosy. I think bedrooms look better if the colours are muted. Hope you get your snow soon.

Jessica said...

Those curtains look great, but I can help but laugh when I saw your wedding picture in one of those pics.Remember one night at book club when we realized our wedding dresses were almost the same and might I add at the height of fashion about 15 yrs ago. Really who does not love poofy sleeves and a gigantic bow on the bum oh and don't forget the puffed headress.