Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hello World!


“Hello world! Yes, I am still here. I’m full of excuses but I’ll not waste your time with them….instead I will tell you what in the world has been going on.”


I started a knitting club!  Well, I actually crochet and the other girls knit or cross-sticth. I have made a few slouchy hats…and now working on this circle scarf…very popular here and they can make any outfit look like a million bucks!


We had our first book club meeting.  We are doing this book if you care to read along and share your thoughts! Can I just tell you how much I LOVE my e-reader my hubby bought me! I swear I’ve never read so many books at one time!!! I think I have five or six I’m trying to finish!


My kitchen is going “green”!!!  100_2774I have potted some herbs for cooking and some plants for decorations and just because I LOVE my plants…100_2777they are my new pets 100_2778and I’m determined to be a green thumb and baby them! My kids have given them all names….this one is called was named, “Mr. Miagi”.



This last month was spent a good part making travel plans….we are going to Ireland for a week very soon…We are planning to be there a week…and will be touring all the highlights of beautiful Ireland…….then boys and I are headed to Poland for four days as well; shortly after.  We have chosen to stay at an Irish B&B rather than a stuffy ole hotel! I’ll let you know how that goes! Then we say good-bye to our soldier once again for a while! :(  Just wanted to let you know that “Aubrey’s B&B” will be open this summer for those of you who dare to travel and visit! Smile


I am in my fifth semester of school and I would rather take another Biology course than this English class I am taking!


I am now the proud teacher of 5 new piano students, not counting mine….thanks to a new and gorgeous piano!100_2773 I have so missed playing!! It is my place of Zen!

Finally, I can say I have gone to Ikea here…Oh the joy! And to think I actually managed to stay under budget! I came home with all sorts of goodies… 


Food…glorious food…all around here, everywhere I go, everywhere I look….and it showed this past weekend when I went with a friend to find some clothes for our trip.  Oh the horrors when I tried on a sweater dress and I looked like a walrus caught in a fishing net!!!! Aaagghhhh…. so to the gym I go!  

My lovely friends took me to this fabulous place for my birhtday! 103_2691

It was soooooo good….I LOVE spring rolls!

 103_2679I can’t get enough of the Thai food here…or those Turkish Doners….and I had duck for the first time and I couldn’t eat after the first couple bites cuz for some reason I kept thinking of the duck that was Kung Fu panda’s dad….but it was sooooo delicious I ate it anyway....and the cheeses and salami here are gonna be the death of me…that or the German bakery….why oh why must they have one on every stinkin’ corner of town???? So tomorrow I welcome Operation Get Fit!!  

Well it is nearly morning here and I need my beauty sleep….


Till next time~

Aubrey xo







Loree said...

I can't wait to hear about Ireland and Poland. Your hat looks lovely. I wish I had the time and patience to make things like that.

Jessica said...

Oh I want to come stay at your b&b, but then whose going to take care of our beefers? On second thought they can take care of themselves I wanna come to Germany! Oh I also want to come to Ireland and Poland okay? The plants look great. We have been busy redecorating here as well and hopefully I will be posting all the pictures soon-my primitive-Americana room is gone, it was time!Hope everyone is well oh and I need your address Elaina would love to write to the girls!