Wednesday, March 7, 2012



I’m on my third packing list…..I’m so proud of my new self…the organized one.  My next goal is to actually use these lists..not lose these lists!!

We have decided that we are only packing carry-on luggage….wish me luck!  Right now I have 25 sweaters and 13 scarves laid out on my bed.  I should warn you and myself once again that I am not good at making decisions! To the point of embarrassing myself…like when we were packing to travel to Jamaica and I actually called the front desk clerk of the resort and asked what I should wear there?  REALLY???


Me: I should wear the pink sweater …but would if I don’t feel like wearing pink when I get up that day…what if I feel like wearing grey..…I want to wear this outfit to fly in…but then I can’t wear it on Wednesday to….


Is there such a thing as someone who comes and packs for you…….hmmm….maybe that’s a butler…and I don’t know any.

Do you know what toiletries you can bring?  I discovered that all my make-up is under the 3oz or 100ml limit!  And I was curious could I bring my big fat curling iron in my carry-on luggage….cuz I for one see it as a potentially dangerous weapon! I am rolling all my clothes…I’m in army wife and this is what you do now…I can get 10 times as many socks and underwear in one drawer if I roll them. Thank you Armed Forces of America for that space-saver tidbit.

I’ve been crocheting madly to finish up some infinity aka circle scarves before my trip!



 Never thought I would ever EVER wear pink! But I loved the texture and color of the yarn and so I made a scarf…and I love my new PINK scarf!



Knit club meets tomorrow morn at 10am …lots of laughter, food and crocheting/knitting!   PS>…these are all made from my own crazy patterns. Smile with tongue out

Aubrey xo


Loree said...

I love the infinity scarves and your look very pretty. Packing is always a nightmare but I am getting better at it :)

Perspective said...

I love the scaves and I love the list! However, my favorite part of this whole post is the reminder about when you called the desk in Jamacia asking them what you should wear. I will never forget when you called to tell me that you did that! Thanks for keeping me smiling, Aubrey! Miss you!!!

HOPE said...

Awww...seeing my favorite girls...missing you.

I just LOVE the design you did..very very nice! You are so talented with the crocheting! Mmm didn't get it from me..SIGH.

I doubt I could have found you one in a store that nice either.

Packing..interchange the clothes so you pack less...

A said...

Love the scarves... and packing is never as bad as unpacking :-)))