Saturday, November 10, 2012

“It's been my experience that you can nearly always enjoy things if you make up your mind firmly that you will.”

I'm quoting Anne of Green Gables in my title. I consider myself very fortunate that I don't very often meet disappointments.  However, this past weekend, I was pretty sore.  I totally had to cancel my trip to Rome....oh the self-pity I put myself through. I even actually went to the trouble of trying on outfits to pack ....(navy striped dress, navy cardigan, super yummy, chunky apricot cowl, leather belt, leggings, ankle boots. )

 I forgot I was dragging along a soldier and there is all this paperwork they must go through to get approval to travel to another country. I'm so used to just picking up my bags and alas we filled out the paperwork along with our itinerary and such....then they LOST it...all the paperwork, no one had any idea where it disappeared to...and of course this was just hours before leaving for the airport.  Oh woe is me!  This was supposed to be an anniversary trip...the one we didn't take last year because he was in Afganistan. 

So rather than stay home and sulk....(which I knew if we stayed home I would...I would stare at the clock and imagine all the things I would be doing if I were THERE)  We headed a few hours away to go Christmas shopping, booked a hotel when we got there and shopped till I dropped...almost literally...I was exhausted.  Then we decided the next morning we would finally tour Wurzburg (my mother was born there)...we would tour the castle, do some geocaching on a hike or two, and enjoy some good German food. was pouring, pouring, POURING rain when we woke up and it didn't let up all the way to we came home......and I decorated the whole living room ect, wrapped gifts...made some crafts with the girls. 
I love brown paper packages...and newspaper ones too!

I've never decorated for the holidays/winter this early....but you know what? Today was the perfect day for it....I felt cheered up and somehow ok with how everything worked out.  Especially since, I also seemed to pick up a bug that had me down a bit.  Does this give you any indication of just how spontaneous and out of the ordinary person I am.  Please don't judge me for putting up the tree before was quite theraputic for me today and all is right with my world now.
I love burlap! And...homemade ornaments!
Thank Brooke for my lovely it!!

I'll see you soon Rome......

Aubrey xo


Loree said...

If it made you feel better, why should anyone judge you for taking out the Christmas tree in November? I love brown paper packages too.

Lady Cordelia said...

Nice to "meet" your blog.
I was just told to read Anne Of Green Gables, now I'm prompted to!
Lovely pictures.

Anonymous said...

I just jumped on your blog hoping for a new post and YAY! There was one! I love, love, love the outfit you had picked out...sorry about the trip. I have been wanting to decorate for Christmas for 2 weeks now....I just might start tomorrow! Thanks for the inspiration! By the way, your garland looks perfect with your beautiful tree! Hugs to you sweet friend.~Brooke

Fiona said...

Oh no, so sad. The colosseum IS amazing! Good thing some Christmas fun could cheer you up. Thanks for popping by my blog, it's nice to meet you! Perhaps we don't live so far from each other?

A said...

Rome, Schmome, this is the prettiest Christmas tree I've ever seen and don't even get me started on all that awesome wrapping paper!!!

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