Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Christmas...from France. :)

Oh dear me....where has the time gone!  It's almost a new year!  Firstly, Merry Christmas to you all...I know this is super late, but so are my cards...they STILL have yet to come in the mail, so I can ship them out. But I don't care if it's Easter, I'm sending them out!

After a MILLION takes we landed a few for our cards this year...
ok ok...enough pics of us :P

My neighbors have been putting my tinctures to good use over the last month....and fortunately only two sickies in the last month here.  Thankful for good health and no drama this winter so far.

I have been knitting/crocheting ferociously...mostly christmas gifts...hats and scarves.
I'm madly in love with CHUNKY yarn....not to mention they are super warm!

I recently took a trip to France...Soufflenheim and Strasbourg, both beautiful, quaint, and o.l.d.  I'll not bore you with a ton of pics....but here a few favorites I took while I was there.
Strasbour reminded me a bit of Amsterdam with it's canals and old houses built on the river.
^strasbourg's cathedral...
^^One day I will be a National Geographic photographer and all these pictures I take of random people will come in handy...:)
In Soufflenheim, I went shopping for french pottery :)
I went to an incredible pottery demonstration...and then got to choose my fondue pot from the potter's shop.
We, of course, had fondue when I got home :)
We ate at the most charming french cafe...(did I mention I LOVE french cafe music and they were playing it) ahhhh....Je 'taime
The only thing missing was a cat in the window....
I love traveling....sometimes it wears me out and I'm in my pj's for days....crashing with my kids...playing boggle, puzzles, chatting over a vanilla or orange rooibus tea, watching home videos, and walking at night in the cool air ...and sometimes we get lucky and it starts to snow and we look up and it looks like the stars are falling from the sky....
This year has been a wonderful chapter in my life. Beautiful opportunities came my way and gave me many unforgettable gifts.  Choosing to find the good things and remembering them this past year makes those small imperfections and mishaps, meaningless and forgettable!
Happy New Year to you and yours,


LeAnn said...

As always, love the pics, and L.O.V.E. your attitude about life. Its contagious, ya know, and I am glad of it! A little sigh of envy escapes me, in the best way possible. I am okay with that...for now, I content myself with the French Cafe music and my dreams. Someday...someday...
I hope I am in line for one of those family photos, otherwise I might just have to steal off the internet and print my own. :-)

Casey Jolee said...

I just love your scarves! Do you have an etsy shop??

Aubrey said...

Thank you Casey! I plan to in the near future :)

LeAnn~ I dream of chatting with you over a chai latte!!! Miss you! And yes, I am sending that pic to you!

HOPE said...

Loved this post so well said! And of course the grrreat family photos!!