Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Once upon a time...

A thought to share with you ...something that has stuck with me all day today .....and maybe you are going through something and you need to hear it too.

Every person has a name....and every name as a story. A story that doesn't end until your time on earth as ended.   What is your story?  If I read your story would I weep, would I laugh, smile, would I get angry,  would I be inspired, encouraged, would I read it again, would I want to share it?

Nobody wants to read a perfect story...do you? A perfect story would be boring!  We watch movies and read books about superheroes who save the day, tragedy and triumph, victory overcoming evil, death and despair, joy and new life.  These are the things that make for great story!

The question is....who is the author of your story?  If we were to write our own story, perhaps it would be a little too perfect, a little too nice....ya know, the perfect house, perfect kids, perfect vacations, perfect husband, perfect neighbor....boring huh?

When God is the author we're sure to have a story worth reading and telling others about! Haven't you ever read the Bible?  How He parted the Red Sea for Moses so they could escape those bad guys the Egyptians, or Jonah getting swallowed by a whale and surviving for three days, the flood, or how He fed the Isrealites in the wilderness for 40 days....many stories that would take pages to fill. Exciting, thrilling, and inspiring!! 

God has a story for each of us...its unique in that it is YOURS, no else has the same story, no remake, or recopy of an original....it's all yours!  He desires to write your story in a way that will change, inspire, encourage, motivate, and bless all those who read it.  He wishes to write a story of joy, victory, triumph, and courage...but these characteristics cannot exist without some dark valleys, trials, temptations, heartaches, disappointments, and strife.

As I look back on some dark valleys in my past, I am reminded even most recently how God is constantly using my story to bring others to Him or to bring hope and joy to someone who is now going through the same thing.  Every story has a purpose...and a purpose He intends to fulfill if we let Him write it.

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Aubrey xo


Bryn S. said...

Thank you so much for this. It was very needed!

Anonymous said...

Exactly what I needed today. Thank you!~Love, Brooke

LeAnn said...

I don't like my story... I think my super hero should have shown up a long time ago.... I am trying to make peace with this. I know the right answers, I might even be able to repeat those right answers in my sleep, but that doesn't really help my heart. I am angry, and I know it. Sometimes stories are messy, sometimes we get angry, even at God. Later we are ashamed, and we realize that after all, he was writing the story and its truly okay. I am waiting for that part, but I won't lie I am scared and yes, angry too. I don't enjoy pain, things that don't make sense and feeling trapped.
Thanks for sharing this... It does help... It reminds me that the perfect story I want isn't all that it seems after all. Thanks girl!