Sunday, February 10, 2013


We stopped at the American Cemetary just outside Lux city.  5, 076 soldiers are buried at this cemetery, 101 of them being unknown.  General George Patton is buried here with his men; most of the soldiers buried here, perished during the Batttle of the Bulge.

These crosses put the number of losses in perspective for me...

Hiking up to the casements in Luxembourg City.

It looks really cold....because is WAS VERY cold....three hours hiking up and down Luxembourg about gave me frostbite...I spent the rest of the afternoon in a little french cafe, sipping hot orange, spiced gluwein with friends, and trying to thaw my fingers and toes.

off to Berlin next weekend for a few days....




Loree said...

Beautiful photos. You look really good in that red coat against the snowy background.

LeAnn said...

Lovely! Just lovely! You and the scenery shots, too. I am sure it was COLD, but the snow looks so romantic from my vantage point in SC, where a semi-warm breeze is blowing in through my front screen door.
It is Not snowy here, just the brown and gray of winter.
But I am happy anyway!
Answered prayers, a new chapter of our lives and peace in our home! Its past good, it is wonderful, even without old stone walls and romantic snow. :-)

Michelle said...

Wow you are an amazing photographer! Lucky to be seeing so much of the world. Enjoy!