Friday, April 10, 2009

Family Day

My diary actually starts back in October when my husband decided he had lost enough join the US Army! I wrote my letter of consent to the Army, giving my husband my blessing....with lots of mixed feelings. In November, we boarded a bus in Washington state...uh huh...a real greyhound bus, for a week of adventure to the east coast of South Carolina. I planned on visiting with his and my family while he went through boot camp. On January 3rd, we said our goodbyes at the airport. An endless stream of emotions and feelings came over me the next three months we were apart. This man I had known for 14 years of my life was gone. We had never been separated more than a week's time. There was no phone contact until the last week of boot camp. It was difficult for me to let not be there to be his cheerleader. I woke up every morning praying to get a letter from him. I almost received a letter every day. The letters are treasures I will cherish for the rest of my life....Sometimes you think the road of life is just staring straight before you with a mirage of trials and difficulties awaiting you...then suddenly God puts a bend in your road and you find yourself in a whole new different place in life.

I daily thought of his safety, his strength and ability to meet the challenges ahead of 31 years old I knew he was going to face more physical obstacles than the young kids in his platoon....he sure surprised me! He was champion fighter in his weight division!

During the three months he was training, I continued to homeschool. While visiting with my parents, my mom and I also started working on a cottage quilt for my new home. :)

My children enjoyed writing numerous letters and drawing pictures to send to their daddy.

Almost three months later, my sister, her two children, my four children, and I drove to Ft. Knox, Ky to see my husband on family day and graduation. We had a wonderful family day with him! I was so nervous about seeing him after 3 months...not sure what to expect or changes to anticipate. Despite the cold and rainy weather, we had a terrific time! I think I talked his ear off! :)
Genevieve, who is the youngest, was a bit clingy. The kids wanted to all sit by him and hold his hand.


Bumble Dee Designs said...

Wow, home-schooling and a husband in the army, that is a big load to carry. I am also married 14 years and have 5 children, and can imagine that all these changes must mean a lot of adjustments for you all. Wishing you and your family God's blessing and care.

HOPE said...

I found you! Love this...looks very nice! especially the photos!