Monday, April 13, 2009

Graduation Day

What a cold, blustery morning! And I was wearing a sundress! There was no sun, but neither the cold nor dreary skies could've dampened my spirits the morning of graduation! I had dreamed and hoped a gazillion million times about this day and here I was waiting for my handsome soldier to graduate! :) I was literally sitting in the bleachers 2 feet from where Michael was standing! So my sister was in her zone taking these amazing photo shots of him.

Austin and I took turns filming the graduation...I didn't want to watch the whole graduation from behind a lens. Because of the season and weather, it was held indoors. That didn't stop the band from playing their heart out and we encouraged them with lots of applauses. ;)

I wish I could say I heard every word the guest speaker said, but I honestly couldn't take my eyes off my soldier! :) We sang the army anthem and listened respectively as the soldiers gave their oath to serve their country and protect our freedom. It was a proud moment to stand beside these brave men and sing our national anthem in honor to flag and country!
In no time at all, we were racing to his barracks to say goodbye. We watched his platoon march back. They heartily chanted cadences as they marched their way past the crowds of family waiting to see them off. We only had about 15 minutes to say goodbye before he boarded the bus to Missouri for 7 weeks of school. We had time for one quick family picture :)

This whole weekend was a big blur. I tried several times to go over each detail of family day. I remenisced over every conversation I could think of we had together. Boy that day went by so fast. And here I am waiting again....sigh...

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