Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back to reality!

Good afternoon! (smiles) If you could see my living room, you would think the whole army had camped overnight here. I have camoflage EVERYWHERE! My husband has three checklists he's been referring to as he packs his gear for training to go to Afganistan! Some of the things he packed were, sewing kits, survival rope, foot powder, wipies:), sunglasses, and toiletries I don't even have around the house! Anyway, it was a LOT of stuff. He had to pack a certain number of stuff for each item packed. Not my kinda packing! He had to have all his packs inspected today! Oh and he had to have his name sewed on all his packs!

He has been given a new job assignment! It's a good and bad thing, I think. They hand-picked him to be a CSC Gunner! The good: He was highly recommended by a Seargant Major and several platoon seargants for this job because they liked his work ethics and his performance in PT's ect. I was very happy for him as he was elated and he knows this will definitely help him advance in his career. The bad: He will NOT be INSIDE the truck as it's rolling through Afganistan...he will be OUTSIDE the truck with his gun in full VISIBILITY to the enemy! sigh..(clasping hands together in prayer)!!!

I'm glad I can put this all in God's hand, as He designed it this way and for this to all come about! He has His reason. Whatever comes of it, will be to His glory and honor....I am still human though, and trying not to think of what may or may not happen or I'll lose what sanity I possess and my tendency to stress and worry will mount higher than Mt Everest!!!

I am dropping him off at the base airport at 1 am...yes 1 am in the morning Monday morning...He will be gone to Louisiana for 1 month and then leave again in November for another month of training before heading overseas in dec-Jan.

We have a big weekend planned! (Clapping hands) :) we're going to take the 2 nation cruise this weekend that tours all around the Thousand's a two- hour cruise in US and Canadian waters. Then we'll dock at the Boldt Castle for a tour! It's supposed to be nice although a little warm but at least it won't be raining (Lord willing) and I shall take tons of pictures:) to share with everyone!

Hope you are all having a good week! XO


HOPE said...

Wish I was there to hug that big teddy bear Army Man! I'm soo proud of him!!! and you for being such a good faithful new Army wife! Support goes a long way! My prayers are with you all DAILY!! moment by my heart always.


HOPE said...

by the way...

I just ADORE Lowie...he is the cutest Kitty I think I've ever seen!

Shannon said...

Praying for you and your family tonight. I know 1am will come way too fast.

Carrie said...

It's been awhile since you posted. Is everything OK? We're praying for you guys. By the way, did you hear Sam got the job? That is a HUGE answer to prayer! Love ya!

Diary of an army wife said...

Shannon thanks so much for your prayers! Carrie, I'm so HAPPY for you is also an answer to MY prayers! Love ya! XO