Monday, July 27, 2009

Some things that made me smile!

Have you ever caught yourself yourself? I did this week...several times...You don't think about just happens. Something catches your eye...or someone says something and you smile without even realizing. It's so wonderful to surround yourself with things that bring smiles to your face. Here's a few things that made me smile this past week!
My wonderful husband!
He helped me organize some things I had not been
able to get to since moving, I got a foot massage *big smiles*
He told me I was beautiful *aww*
He made me breakfast yesterday morning!
Seeing my kids have a great time on the rides
at the fair and getting a huge bag of
cotton candy! Yum!

Getting to watch the Big Bear Show! I LOVE
wild animals! Except that these
were tame! lol They were adorable!
Yes, I was smiling the entire show!
sewing these cute tiebacks for my new curtains!
My sister calling me, my little sissie calling me,
and getting to talk to my mom on the phone
everyday! ((((hugs)))
Seeing all the beautiful flowers blooming all
over Lowville this week...the wildflowers
have been amazing!!!!

Lowie keeping me company at my desk
while I'm writing, or rather supposed to
be working on my was
a slight one point he wanted
to SIT on my keyboard! He resigned himself
to perching at the top of my desk!
He LOVES me!

Oh yes...and of course I smiled real big when I found these
beautiful pillow shams and crystal desert dishes made in
France....for FREE! They were sitting on a table of
junk by the road for free and I snagged these goodies
just in time!
So what made you smile this week? :)


HOPE said...

Getting phone calls of LOVE almoast every day!

THANK YOU...soooo much! HUGS

HOPE said...

All this brought me TEARS with SMILES...

Hugs...and SMILES from my heart! said...

Free French bowls, that is a smil!