Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Crafty Classroom! :)

I think I was up to midnight last night unpacking the mound of boxes that filled my office. It is now a crafty classroom:) I say, "organization is the key to success in the classroom" for the teacher anyway. :) I still need a table and another bookshelf, which I found the perfect slim table to use as the kids desk and my sewing table, and the boys can work on their model airplanes there. It's at Sam's Club so I need to renew my membership.

The room has a wonderful big window that will be cheery to work next to all year long! I have a gorgeous hydrangea bush right outside that is producing huge white spelling stinks today. Must be the late night organizing, anyway, I'm excited to have things in order for this next schoolyear. Now to order the school books! I have so many from the last several years, if there's any books you are lacking that you need, please comment and let me know, I'd be happy to send the books if I have them...I have LOTS of science and history!:)

I have decided to go with ACE paces this year and add my reading list to their subjects...I like that these subjects are mostly self-taught and they can work at their own pace...and they are required to read a great deal which is great, but I don't like that the science and history are so I plan on supplementing with history and science books that I have. They will take Geography, art, and French this year as well!:) I found a wonderful French curriculum at the college bookstore in Washington that I plan on using! My parents awhile back gave me my textbooks from first grade when I went to school in Switzerland, so I plan on using these as worksheets as we learn the language. I was listening to the CD's already and excited that I was recalling more than I thought I would. Hard to believe I use to speak it fluently, and read in French...Hopefully it will come back to me. ;)

I will post more pics as the crafty classroom comes together...we need dry-erase boards, posters, ect...our project in the next couple of weeks. School starts the day after labor day here in NY and I am following the calender, so we get an extra month to get things together:) yea me!

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