Saturday, July 11, 2009

Master Bedroom pics

I took some of my room but not finished yet...You must read the next blog as I posted more about my projects in this room!!!! Feedback is welcome!!!! :):):)

I wanted to take a picture of this antique heat register in my room...all the rooms have one. I actually saw a lady decorate with several of these in her house in Cottage Living!!!! I, however, will be using mine for heat this winter. :) The table beside my bed I picked up at "sally's" aka salvation army, it was hideous and I stripped, distressed, ect...and painted it white. I'll have to take a better pic, but it has cute roses carved on the legs that I sanded to bring out. That's a story for another post though. My husband gives me odd looks when he watches me take a hammer, chisel, and sand paper to my furniture I buy...I think he knows better than to buy me anything brand-new because I'm probably gonna "destroy" it!!!! I like to call it artistry!!!! I found a gorgeous, red , antique church door by the side of the road the other day...the church collasped this past week in a wind storm. It was abandoned for years, and thank goodness I never went exploring in it like I wanted to...anyway, my husband was trying to figure out what in the world I was going to do with one, old church door......I told him I could really use it for decoration....he looked at me like I lost my marbles...but thankfully he lets me do what I want with the house...he knows anything that comes through the door is gonna get painted sooner or long as I don't paint his new TV we're okay:)
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HOPE said...

Oh my the door sounds awesome!!! I'd love to find an old door or gate...

Use in the yard or as a table!!! HINT