Saturday, July 11, 2009

Master bedroom pictures

I took pics of this shelf I did...I was looking for more creative ways to decorate my room and decided to paint this old white shelf I picked up at a yard sale a year ago. Spray-painted it glossy black and screwed these pewter hooks on afterwards. I decided to use it to hang my nice jewelry on instead of in a drawer where sadly I recently broke one. The picture was michael's favorite he had in bootcamp with him of me and I took a chain off of a stain-glass picture and attached it to this little frame for more I appeal on my little shelf! I'm pleased with how it turned's so nice when things pictured in your mind turns out even cuter in reality!!!! Hope I gave you an idea you'd like to use:)

Half of my bedroom....I bought this iron bed for $100 bucks at a yard was an ugly rust color I guess, and I painted it white...I LOVE it!!!! The duvet is from IKEA!!!! I love IKEA!!! The closest one here is in Brooklyn NY so I guess I'll have to settle with their catalog for now;) I HAD two really nice black pillows, but thew Army seems to have misplaced I have to hunt for some now...

SO what inspired my BLACK and WHITE bedroom???? I went to visit my Grandma in California and I stayed in the cutest guest bedroom and guess what? It was BLACK and WHITE!!! I think it is both classy and chic and I love my's peaceful and a mom of four needs a getaway retreat somewhere in the house!:)
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HOPE said...

and...I see an empty white frame that needs a photo of your mom and dad... ;)

Looks very nice...and love the bed too! nice paint job!

Carrie said...

I recognize that photo of you!! I love all you home decor projects!! I wish I was as brave with paint and tools!

Diary of an army wife said...

Well that's the beauty of paint!:) If you don't like it, just paint over it again! :)