Thursday, August 27, 2009

Getting back to my slow year posting:)

Well...I'm really SLOW at getting my journal updated for my SLOW year! So to clarify my posting in the past in reference to this slow year, because it seems I've had some misuderstandings. My slow year is not going to be drastic this first time around! Due to the fact that my husband is still home till January...and he loves to shop too! haha...we have curtailed our expenditures however, to things we need...and if it's something we desire or want (because we did sell everything before we moved) we have opted to buy used or clearance cheap clearance! :) No more ordering-shopping online. This a big change. This also eliminates shipping and handling charges as well as plastic.

Which brings me to my 2nd plastic or paper...with the exception of TP because my husband said absolutely he will NOT be going without TP! Yes sir, okay. ;)If YOU however, would do NO TP...check out She is an expert! I love her blog! And I'm sorry I haven't figured out how to add a link to it in my post! HELP ME!

Anyway, I need to start sewing some more cloth napkins! But we have survived going on a month with no paper(paper towels, napkins, tampons, pledge wipes, need I list more? ;)And hey, we're still here and breathing...more importantly, we are clean! :)

Rule number 3: No chemicals. I have been making my own soaps, shampoos, and cleaning and mopping with vinegar and baking soda...Oh how much money I have already saved! Whoo-hoo! And perhaps I have saved a few pre-cancerous cells from my body! teehee

One spending rule I have held to is no shopping new clothes! I have been repurposing what I have and have found things I needed thrifting or yard sailing. I'm currently looking for winter coats for my kids:) I know they're out there somewhere! Oh and I'm a craigslist and freecycle fanatic!

After hitting only yard sales and Sally's(salvation Army) for awhile, I am almost in sticker shock when I see the prices for new clothes in the store!!!!! Thank God for my sewing is indeed my very close friend and I shall cherish her all winter! :)Which I should stop and mention that my beautiful, adorable, loveable sister gave me her machine when I left Washington..I'm sure now she wishes she hadn't because she's stuck in Japan....but I'm so glad she did, because I've have been sewing out the whazoo stuff for the kids and the house!!!! Now I should take a break and get the knitting needles out to knit some scarves, hats, socks, ect!!! We're going to need these in a few months!!! I've been trying to finish a most gorgeous scarf I started last year and I will post pics when I'm through!

Well, I'm off to make some homeade granola bars! Yummy. I will post pics and recipe tomorrow! :)

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sasicas said...

Did you seriously write that you have not bought tampons? lol