Wednesday, August 19, 2009

new dresses for the girls!

Good morning! I added the last finishing touches to my daughter's dress this morning. She really likes it:) I'm going to make her little sister a matching dress this afternoon and tomorrow so they can wear them to church on Sunday. I didn't have a pattern so can't recommend it, except that can find a similar pattern like this anywhere, and you can add embellishments where you want them. I took another dress similar to this one and cut a pattern out and added seam allowances to all sides, then I added trim and ribbon for a belt to tie in the back. I LOVE this style because there's no zippers or button holes to mess with...easy peasy to make! :) I added up the expense to make this dress and it was $10.00 give or take a few cents! Not bad:) Some things I had on hand from other projects, but this is a price estimate of $ per yard.


sasicas said...

Very cute!

HOPE said...

So sweet,modest and well done!

Precious model too!


Jessica said...

Adorable, I will have to add dresses to my ever growing list of things I need to learn to sew!

Audra said...

What a darling dress, so perfect for the summer! She looks so beautiful! Amazing job!