Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yea! I got my piano finally!

What a busy, busy week! And I haven't even started homeschooling yet! Yikes! We will start school Monday:) I was very tired today...I think lack of sleep with michael gone is catching up to me and I'm just exhausted! It takes me a little for some reason to adjust to sleeping alone and making sure the kids are okay through the night. I wake up at every little sound and we live an a 100 yr old house, so imagine all the creaks and groans it makes throughout the night. Then had to start putting up Lowie's little toys with bells...he wants to play at night and roll them all over the wood floors upstairs. So we hide them now.

I made Genevieve a dress like Haleigh's so they match now:)

I took a picture of my "new piano" a 50 dollar deal from craigslist! But wouldn't have been mine without the help of my wonderful neighbors and their truck! They drove about an hour away to help me pick up the piano. I will be able to teach piano now and my kids will have a piano to practice music lessons on!

I took some pics to show you my dining room and maybe you can give some advice on curtains or color for that matter...I like French Country just not gaudy or with clutter. The antique door was given to me for a quarter, I put the wreath on it and threw a basket on the doorknob...maybe I'll stick some yellow flowers in it...The platters on the wall and sitting on the piano I got for 10 cents each awhile back at a yard sale! Can't beat that...I'll probably monogram the one on the piano with my new best friend, Mr. Sharpie!

Okay...I just remembered I had this adorable black lamp shade and base I got by the side of the road for FREE!!!! Can't be that! I LOVE for my new piano light!

ll, I had planned on taking a snooze today for a few minutes, but Lowie was the only one who ended up taking a nap! Life is just not fair! ;)

Hope you are having a fabulous week! Happy Thursday!


Carrie said...

Your piano looks great!! Only fifty dollars, what a deal!! You have such a knack for finding deals and decorating on a shoestring budget, I'm kind of jealous!!

liz said...

What a great deal for only $50! Don't you just love Craigslist??