Friday, August 21, 2009

New prjojects

Happy Friday everybody! The sun is finally up! It was rainy and humider than humid today. Today that was okay because I stayed indoors and worked on some being a project I found on the side of the road begging me to take it home and beautify it! I'm so horrible about remembering to take before and after pics of my projects. So I leave this one up to your imagination;)

First project was this table that was undesirable to other passersby that saw it. It was missing feet and horribly beat up and three different shades of the color brown. An ugly copper knob hanging from the drawer. Here's my finished product! Oh and did I mention it was an a junk pile by the road!

I would have taken a closer shot, but my camera wasn't cooperating! So here's what I did...cleaned it up...put three coats of black spray paint on it...put a nickel plated bathroom cupboard knob on it...and the last step...what about the feet????

You'll never guess!!!! They are actually 4 tumbler cups turned upside down, spray-painted black and glued to the bottom!!! They worked perfect...and I didn't have to buy new feet! :) They are the PERFECT height for my couch! My table now looks like the one from Target I loved that was almost a hundred dollars!!!! Yea for being thrifty!!!!

My 2nd project I did today was the picture frame on the table. I used scrapbook paper from Close To My Heart! I LOVE this packet of paper, I wish I could remember the name...ask Jessica at Jessicaspaperpetals.blogspot. She will hook you up! Then I took one of my scrapbook letters(also CTMH) and covered it with green paper and glued it together! Now I have a monogramed photo for my table and it matches my adorable apple green pillows!

The little green toile dish on the table was a 25cent find at a yard sale!

I took some pics of my living room here...I'd like some ideas for my tv cabinet...I just couldn't do flowers or pastels in here even as much as I love shabby chic...didn't work for me in thinking about white, or apple green...whatcha think.

My 3rd project of the day was to do something to do this apocathary glass I have! I took some letter stickers from CTMH and monogramed it...I think I love it;) I added some gingham to the top...i LOVE black gingham! What do you think?

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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A.B. said...

I love the little black end table. (Using cups for the feet was absolutely brilliant.)
And I do so love apothecary glass in all sizes and shapes! Never thought of using stickers to Monogram. Very Cool.
I haven't done any "cool recycle" projects this week, instead I spent this afternoon baking and frosting a very unhealthy three layer cake which my neighbor lady bought from me. It was the first time I ever made a Red Velvet Cake, but she had her heart set on it for a party she was planning. It turned out great, though I nearly fainted at the amount of red food coloring that went into that batter. Scary!
This, my friend, must be the reason we don't eat Red Velvet Cake around here. :-) But it made me a nice little bit of pocket money.
Have a great weekend!