Monday, August 10, 2009

The Red Chair

Good Afternoon! I spent a lazy weekend with my kids...playing games, watching a movie and just chillaxin' :) Today I got busy with some projects I accumulated Saturday. Somebody stuck a pile of goodies by their house with a FREE sign..We just so happened to be taking a walk to the library and walked down the street to investigate! We took home lots of stuff...some lady had a wheelbarrel full already before we got there...anyway, I loaded my van with tons of baskets to hang from my pot rack, adorable black and creme plaid lamp shade, TV (not that I needed one, but figured I might could use it for dvd lessons this school year)purses, beach chair, 2 home interior mirrors, and an antique chair!!!! What a find!!! Sooooo...I got right to work on my chair! I not only have a shoe fettish, but now I'm into chairs, and apparently lampshades, because I keep bringing them home...I really need to take before and after pictures of my projects...but I get excited and get right to work before I think about taking any pictures. This chair was pretty weathered and just a wood look...I sprayed a white primer on it, put a crackle underneath, and spray-painted it Red for the topcoat...then a took the FREE cushion I also got and covered with red ticking. I won this mini toile pillow on ebay and threw on the chair..don't know if it will stay but I'm lovin' my red's cheery! :)

So if you're wondering what this has to do with life in the army, I assure you it helps pass the time while my husband is away...AND we just moved in this house two months ago...and since we sold everything before moving 2 years ago...I'm still hunting for furniture to fill my house...AND I'm lovin all the deals I'm running into :)

Normally I enjoy exploring the outdoors on trails and in parks...but with all the rain I have stocked up on plenty of projects to keep me busy in the house!

I'm contemplating opening an Etsy store for the rugs and other crafts I've been sewing...Shall I call it The House Of Dreams Boutique????

Hope you had a good and productive Monday...well, mine are work days anyway:) XOXO


Carrie said...

Aubrey's House of Dreams. I'd shop there! Great finds! You should become an interior decorator!

HOPE said...

MEEE TOOOO!Perfect name!

and...why can't I find a chair like that in white for my sewing room!

Cute RED chair!

Audra said...

Aubrey, Thanks bunches for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Love your blog, will *stalk* I mean visit often! That is crazy how similar we husband is not in the armed forces however both my step son and son are in JROTC. I think it has done wonders for my step son making him a responsible, dedicated young man with goals. My son is over the moon thrilled that he was asked to join the drill team.
One proud mamma for sure.
Great finds at the yard sales by the way. I kit my house out 90% yard sales and thrift stores, and the rest comes from the curb, free cycle or swapping with friends.

Stop by again!