Friday, August 7, 2009

What a terrific Friday! The girls and I took a little road trip and went yard sailing! What good stuff we came home with...first though, I need to show you something my DH bought me last weekend when we went to Alex Bay! It wasn't until I got home that I realized this adorable shabby chic find was in the shape of a heart! :) And we had just toured Heart Island!!! :) How cool is that! So now I have something to remind me of our wonderful day and the beautiful castle on Heart Island!

Okay, now the yard sale goodies... I got both of these for a quarter! And I've been looking for these! So now I will make a flower arrangement to go in this beautiful vase... and maybe seashells in the smaller one!

I found these with the list of stuff below all for 50cents. I loved these vintage spoon rests and decided to hang them above my sink...for now;)

A couple trays I bought that will look great spray painted white and monogramed!!!! :)Look for this project coming up!

A little green toile dish from England for a buck!

I found this cute little vintage game in mint condition for a quarter! We had fun playing it today!

Now for the projects I've been busy working on all week! I'm through painting the kitchen. Going nuetral and just painted it antique white but it looks almost a creamy/yellow color..which I love now!

I had this ulgy lamp I bought on sale at dollar general and recently spray-painted it black and sewed this red gingham lampshade on it..don't know if I like it...what do you think?

I also got this picture with the bible verse on it for 3 bucks and didn't like the cheap gold looking frame so I ...yes..say it with me...Spray-painted it black.

So today I was looking for couch pillows on base and found these pretty napkins at the PX so I sewed pillow shams out of them! I forgot to take a picture of the back but it is a pretty sage green and I love the checks!

The fabric behind the pillows is what I'm making the living room drapes out of! Looks like Waverly but I found it at Walmart! Yea!

I found this sign awhile back and recently added the black satin ribbon and hung it my room!

The next to projects I'm showing, I got a little crazy with my Sharpie (my other best friend)! But I think I may antique my sign a little more!

This one I wrote in pencil first and then took Mr. Sharpie and penned on the plate and also around the edges! I also hot glued this black gingham fabric "ribbon" to the top!

I didn't have a stencil to monogram the H so I drew it with pencil and then went over it with Mr. Sharpie! He did a good job;) I'm going to put this plate on a iron stand with some black and white checked ribbon! I got this idea for Angie at the Happy Homebody!:)

Another project I did last week was to make a "closet door" for the girl's room! I got tired of seeing all the clothes and shoes! This old house did not have ANY closets so there was one built inside the room...but no I found this cute fabric and stitched up a curtain and hung it on a rod inside the closet and VIOLA! The girls think it looks princess-ish! ;)

I made these pillows below for my living room, but I'm sorry to my Shabby Chic friends that I cannot handle the pastels in my living I moved them to my girls room which went perfect....because it's all shabbiness in here:)

Awhile back my mom gave me this Mary Englebright picture from an old I clipped it to fit in this thrift store frame I spray-painted white and matted with scrapbook paper. I ADORE this picture. I hung it in the girl's room over their dresser!

Last but not least, because I love making these door hangers and they only take me about 10 or 15 minutes to whip up..I used some scrap fabric I had and scrapbook ribbon from Close to my Heart(see Jessica @ jessicaspaperpetals.blogspot) I hung this one on my shelf instead of the door though.

Let me know what you think of my projects and what projects you've been doing around your house! I LOVE ideas...and comments! Tee Hee...Hope ya'll have a fabulous weekend! XOXO


Diary of an army wife said...

So how many of yall noticed the misspelling on the plate???????????????????? LOL Obviously I was up late that night crafting, huh?

sasicas said...

haha, I didnt even notice the mispelling til you pointed it out, way to go ;)

Everything is super cute!