Sunday, August 16, 2009


A few days ago, I cleaned out the girls room, closet, dresser, everything!!! I started refashioning/repurposing some clothes for Haleigh. She needed some more outfits..she is growing like a weed suddenly and I REALLY am desperate to get some clothes sewed for her. So I repurposed a pair of jeans that were too short and made a jean-skirt! I cut the legs, ripped the seams up to the zipper, folded over the crotch, added some fabric and ruffled hem and VIOLA! I love it...Haleigh does too! The fabric was literally peices of scraps from a quilt my mom made the girls awhile back! So...hold on to any scraps...never know when they'll come in handy!

This is the back..done pretty much the same as the front...I chose different scrap fabric:)

My son was doing his own repurposing! He's been wanting some Andrea Minitures(soldiers) to paint, but they're pretty he got his plastic army guys together and sat at the table with all his model paints and went to work painting uniforms on his men! I was real proud of him! I'm glad my boys have a love of history as I do! He was trying to tell me what kind of soldier it was and what war he fought in! So here is the soldiers! The first he said, is a German Officer from WWII!

This soldier he said, is from the French Foreign Leagion! Wow! Deep stuff for a kid..I didn't know that one...He said this guy fought in the Prussian War...HUH??? Apparently I have a lot of research going to happen this school year to teach these kids history!

Kids follow by example and I hope they will emulate my creative repurposing!!! Enjoy your Sunday! I'm heading to Church:)


Jessica said...

Wow is all I can say that is a great skirt, and what a way to repurpose! Okay now I really want to make that toothpaste but I have to get some peppermint oil! What a wealth of knowledge you7 are, I am so thankful you are my neighbor. I will also keep Michael in my prayers! Have a great night!

Audra said...

Love the skirt, amazing job. Your son is so talented, isn't it unbelievable what they can come up with when it isn't automatically handed to them? I love that ingenuity.