Sunday, September 20, 2009

cheesecake festival

I'm sorry for the sloppy pics. my cameraman needed help and my camera was not focusing well as it desperately needed to be charged.

Saturday we spent the day at the Cheesecake Festival! It was fun! They set the record again third year in a row for the Guiness book of world records largest cheesecake in the world! They had lots of contest and most centered around hay or cream cheese it seemed!

Daddy giving Haleigh a pep talk before her hay pulling contest!

Here is a pic of Haleigh painting her name with cream cheese!

They had a blast on all the inflatables!

The largest cheesecake in the world decorated like the flag. The red was strawberries and the blue was blueberries! It was pretty good!

This was too funny!

They had a petting zoo! Haleigh wanted to hold the kitten the whole time though....we have an orange kitty:)

Austin tries to stay on the mechanical bull!

Avery gives the bull a try.

I wanted to show you this sign I painted the other night for my daughter's room!

1 comment:

HOPE said...

ROFL...the samari hair hats are HILARIOUS!!

Looks like they had a happy for these wonderful family times you are all having. Such great memory makers.

Oh and of course there is a KITTY guys go..I think they know you are there and find you!!

CUTE CUTE sign...very talented flowers!!