Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Monday

wow it's only monday and I am so exhausted, mentally and physically.

Don't ask.

My soldier informed me today they have established his position-to-be in it's Iraq...they have sent some people ahead already this week to scope out their living conditions over there. I should be somewhat relieved he is going there rather than Afganistan except that his position is First Gun truck Gunner. He will be scoping out the area for IED's (improvised explosive device) ahead of the convoy. He will do this by using a scanner thingy on top of the truck? (this is my version of it) per-ret-ty poor version I know, but, oh, wait a minute!

He is trying to explain it to me..I feel like I need to take a crash course in military terminology and acronyms. Here's some info about his vehicle he'll be firing from.

Here is a picture of his gun truck. His position will be in the compartment above where the gun in mounted on top of the truck.

Below is a description of the truck and what it's designed to do as well as the job of the soldiers who operate this vehicle.

Each truck has a driver, assistant driver and a gunner who must stand in the back of each truck on the lookout for trouble. A gun truck is designed for convoy security. A ring mount allows the Soldier aka michael who is firing the weapon to move 360 degrees. Rather than just firing out of the front of the vehicle, he can turn and engage targets all the way around. The five soldiers who operate the trucks are carefully screened volunteers with a high dedication to protecting the convoy. They have been trained to operate every position. The driver stays focused on the convoy and maneuvers within it to afford greatest visibility for the crew and provide maximum protection for the mission at hand. The other soldiers scan their surroundings for potential hazards.

My husband was excited to be chosen this week to attend training to learn to fly the army's remote control surveillance planes. They will be used to survey the cities in Iraq for possible risks of ambushes before the convoy reaches them. I couldn't find a picture maybe later.

I've been trying to put together plans for our trip to NYC. That in itself is daunting! I'm almost not looking foward to it. I just don't want to waste time trying to get from a to b. We're getting the NYC pass card to get into the attractions we want to...trying to get a subway card so we don't have to stop and get a ticket at every ride, and trying to find a decent, affordable hotel. Driving into NYC to all the attractions is not an option. Parking is expensive and not willing to risk parking in a bad area, getting stuck in traffic, and getting lost. Any tips out there? I would like it to be memorable and fun since it will be our last family trip before he leaves for a year.

Have a good week everyone!


Audra said...

Your family is in our thoughts and prayers. Enjoy your trip to NY...share the sites with us through pictures and stories.


HOPE said...

I won't ask now after reading ALL this...

I know everything will fall into place as it should and you will have a wonderful family time together.

Tell that SOLDIER of yours....keep up the good work! We're waving our banners for him.


J.H said...

I am really speechless, first of all I don't know how I would accept the news if I were in your shoes. We'll remember your family in our prayer. Be strong, and I pray that God protect your husband and bring him home safely.

I sort of fell all this world "war" affair cause unnecessary pain and heartache. It has cause you (and probably many other wives and children) to be far to your husband, and it has cause many of christian minority in muslim country facing more severe persecution from the locals (which does happen in my country, Indonesia, not long after US/UK join hand sending troops to Afganistan).
Can't wait the day Lord Jesus return, and there'll be peace on earth :-)

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Aubrey, thank you for coming by my blog! I hope you'll make yourself at home and come back often. I'm always up to some fun things over there.

Mary said...

Sending prayers up for your husband and all of our troops, wherever they may be serving. And for you, that you continue having the great perspective on things. God bless you!


A.B. said...

WOW..........thinking about you all and praying for you too.

Parchey Family said...


I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog. Jessica told me that you left me a message. That was very nice since I get very few comments. It was you who inspired me to start spray painting all the things in my house I wanted to change. I have to say I got a little spray paint happy. I didn't post all the things I painted. Reading this particular blog entry reminds me of the times my husband went to Iraq. I remember the family trips we would plan before he left and how each day we had as a family was a blessing. I will be thinking about you and your family. And I will pray for your husbands safe return.

If you ever need the ear of another army wife (who has been in your shoes) feel free to contact me at my email.

Thanks for the great blog, Angie