Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dinner with friends! Sweet!

How is everyone's weekend going? I hope it's been relaxing and fun:)

Tonight we went to "camp" with our neighbors...actually they own some land in the country and they call it camp! They have the cutest little cabin, which Jessica has deocrated to a "T" just like her house! Now why didn't I think to take pics inside??? Because the kids took every bit of the camera attention...maybe she'll let me take a tour of her house and cabin for my decor peeps! :)

Jessica's husband grilled so much meat and sweet corn and Jessica made her awesome bread dip, broccoli salad and sausage/cheese platter! I ate like a pig! It was THAT good! Then on top of THAT...we had SMORES!!!! Yes we did....over a nice fire!

The kids had a blast...all EIGHT of them! We have four...two of each kind;)

So let me shut up so you can enjoy our "camp"!

MMMMM....fresh sweet corn!

Oh my goodness! I could take this little guy's picture! Isn't he the cutest? Soon...very soon...I will post the photoshoot I did of Jessica's kids! She is helping me get started in my new children's photography business.

Everyone wanted their picture taken in the tree!

Genevieve, Elaina, and Haleigh (the Farm Chicks) ;)

Jessica's husband, took the kids foraging for wild grapes! The kids loved them.

Haleigh enjoying a chocolate smore with dad!

Jessica and I

One of their eight cows! Isn't he cute??? Too bad he'll be steak this winter

And this little girl, was just a busy bee the whole time! Such a cutiepie! She was trying to eat this ear of corn with the husk earlier! I asked Jessica could she make me one of these for me to take home! haha...this little girl stole my heart when I met her! She is spit-n-image of haleigh when she as this age!

I am so thankful for the friendship of these sweet neighbors..they have been such a joy in our life! God is so great to bless me with Christian friend right next door! :)

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