Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mirror remake!

It's almost Friday! *smiles* Tonight my husband had to work late, so I had enough energy to be a little crafty...I feel like I HAVE to do something spectacular-ly productive, or I just haven't done much...I mean aside for housework, laundry, cooking, cuz that's something you do everyday pretty much. Ya know what I mean??? So I made an apron...but you can't see it yet, because I need to figure out what color is missing in it! Recently I discovered a love for vintage aprons and my cookbooks, which I'm not done collecting, because you just can't have too many. Lately though, I've been printing out recipes off the internet for new inspiration!:)

BUT...I will show you a project I did finish tonight. I found this Home Interiors mirror by the side of the road in a pile of FREE stuff! Hello! I need a sticker that says, "I brake for Free stuff"! haha Anyway, I was coveting my neighbor's adorable chalkboard in her kitchen so after some thinking, and some more thinking, I decided, you know I could turn the mirror into one! I should've also took a pic before I dstressed it in white, because it was a horrid brassy color. Well, in sticking to my slow year guidelines, the part that says no retail buying, I realized I CAN'T buy the chalkboard paint I wanted! WHAAAGGGHHH! I believe I experienced a short panic attack and a sudden urge to call it off for the day....but good sense got the better of me in the nick of time and I said...hey who needs chalkboard paint, I have a can of black spray-paint and washable-white paint(that I borrowed from Genevieve)! Usually, I rush a project in my haste and excitement to get it done and see the finished result, tonight I actually put a little fore-thought into it and decided I would unscrew the back of the mirror and take it out to spray-paint. Hey it says it covers glass, so I was gonna try it. Well, what do you know, I pulled the mirror out of the frame and it was BLACK on the back with nary a scratch!!!!!!!!! WHOO-HOO! I betcha you could even use chalk on it...if I had some! I don't really know what it's made of, but I knew one thing I didn't have to spray paint it,double WHOO-HOO, so I turned the sucker around and stuck 'er back in the frame and screwed it back in place, got my white-washable paint and "drew" on my new "cottage" chalkboard! I wrote two things I will always have to get every week...and a message to my hubby before he leaves for work in the morning! I LOVE it! And I didn't spend a dime...or break my slow year...sssshhhheesh! Oh and the white-washable paint can be wiped off with a wet cloth(I tried) so I can change the message if I want to later!:)



I think I will add some ivy or some kind of greenery to the thingy under the chalkboard! I got that at Sally's for 49 cents a year ago.:)

Have a fabulous weekend!


HOPE said...

Can I come with you and bring the BUMPER STICKER!!! ROFL....

Love this story....yep I recall the black on the back of perfect!

What for dinner...OPPS..I mean for Creativity tomorow??


Pam--in Estonia said...

What a FABULOUS idea!! You are so creative, and it looks great!

Audra said...

You are so CREATIVE! Way to go, Frugalista! Love what you did, you never cease to amaze me!

Pam--in Estonia said...

Hey Aubrey, I just wanted to come back to let you know something.... you mentioned on your comment to me, "thanks for stopping by my blog".... I ALWAYS read your posts; I'm just a poor commenter sometimes :( I'll try to improve though... thanks for always commenting on mine :o)