Monday, September 7, 2009

Goodie boxes and cottage signs!

I was so excited to post these pics tonight! I got productive today and made some cottage signs for my kitchen. My kitchen was just feeling blah...needed some cheerfulness added. :) So I shopped my house and came up with all kinds of goodies to decorate with! Fun fun. My mother sent me a goodie box and it happened to be all the right colors and decor I needed to get started. Whoo-hoo!

So here's the signs! I wanted something blue and red and this is what I came up with. The cottage sign I saw on Cynthia's cottage design blog and tried to copy. I did mine a bit different and I love it!

My mom sent me couple of Mary Engelbrite prints! I love anything by her and also Susan Branch!!!

So I took an old frame, spray-painted it red and framed this adorable print! Definitely some cheery to look at while I'm washing up some dishes!

See the kitty? That's from mom too:) Cuz she knows how much I love cats! The red tin canister was freebie in a box, works as a cute utensil holder and the flag? well there's a touch of patriotism in every room...I'm married to a soldier:)

Something blue...

There was also the cutest rooster hook in the goodie box!

I re-did my lamp! I love it much better white than black and I added a big ruffle at the bottom of the shade and that was just what it needed!

The table runner is also Mary Engelbrite! My mom is a quilter and made this for me for my last kitchen!

My generous neighbor gave me this cute little wire basket!

Mom also sent this apron she made...the cherries are a hit!

As you can see I had fun in my kitchen today! Tomorrow is back to school! Wishing everyone a wonderful week!


HOPE said...

LOVE the signs...can't wait to get mine in the mail...mmm? have to think of a good saying.

I'm so thrilled that you enjoyed all the goodies and they went into all the perfect places to warm the heart of your home.

Great idea with the American Flag all around the house!

The can of paint has attacked again..GOOD JOB!


Audra said...

Caauuute! So nice to receive the goodie boxes. I will send one your way... I love the make over of the kitchen, so darling, just the breath of life you were wanting. Thanks for sharing.