Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy Labor Day weekend!

Happy Labor Day weekend to you! I have been enjoying the most relaxing day with my family. We had planned to do a little hiking in the Adirondacks, but my littlest munchkin was feeling a bit under the weather! hubby and I took a walk downtown to this adorable little bookstore! I really should've remembered to bring my camera along...usually I do. But I will post a pic of this bookstore the next visit...because there was soooo much to look at... and the children's book section...was AMAZING! He was hoping to find a book titled, Pilgrims Progress. We had a fine leather one, but it must have been lost in the move. She did not have it in stock and actually told us it is out of print. So I'm going to search Amazon to see if I can find it:)

Today I FINALLY got to this adorable fabric I bought awhile back on the 1.oo table at walmart! I made a pillowcase dress!!! Well, obviously it wasn't
a pillowcase, BUT I followed the pattern and it was such an easy, fun sewing project. You gotta try this! I will be keeping my eye out for vintage pillowcases at yard sales or "Sally's" for some dresses to make!:) If it involves ribbon, it's all the more fun for me to create. I could go crazy with ribbon, ric-rac, and lacy borders with this pattern!

Yesterday morning, my wonderful husband suprised me and took me to a few yard sales on our way to play tennis. I spent 3.oo total!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Enjoy!

I was thrilled to find this vintage RED suitcase! I don't know how much this Samsonite is...but I got it for a dollar! I LOVE the plaid inside too! And RED...I was giddy! :)

This little white vase! perfect for my white collection, huh?

So shabby chic! Even if I couldn't use them, I know I could make some $$ on ebay with these. They're from JC Penny and solid iron! I got 'em for a dollar each!

Remember that apothecary jar I monogramed? I filled it with yummy pears today! Lovin' some green lately!

Time to take a break and enjoy some cinnamon rolls....which by the way, are sooo good...I think Cinabon has lost it's appeal!

I hope you are also enjoying your weekend:) God Bless!


HOPE said...

Oh dear! this is killing me NOT being your neighbor!!! I LOVE it ALL!

and of course THAT model is the cutest I have ever seen (well, besides her sister ;)...

ADORABLE...I guess I know my NEXT sewing project! Love that fabric!!!

I didn't see the Kitty in any of the pics???

Great find on the yard sales...

The motor is roaring, I'll be there for the next yard sale....wait for me!!!


Carrie said...

Hey!! I love that adorable little dress. But your link doesn't work:( let me see if I can help. When you're working on your post, open a new tab and go to the page you want to link to. Highlight and copy the entire address. Then go back to your post. Highlight the words you want to be your link, then click on the "link" in the tool bar. In the box that pops up, you have to delete the http, then just right click and paste. Hit ok and you're done. See if that works. See you later!!

Audra said...

Love the dress, reminds me of a type that my mother use to make for my sisters and I. Excellent finds at the yard sales. I am sure that you can resell the candle holders, so shabby chic!