Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My sisters-my friends!

It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring!" I wish I was snoring like the old man! I would love to curl up with some fleece and a good book and read until I fell asleep! Well, that's not gonna happen for awhile. But it has been raining for days now! I feel like I'm back home in Washington! I had the pleasure of talking with both my sisters the last week and we can't just stay on the phone five minutes...I usually am on the phone until my battery dies..which unfortunately happens quite frequently.

My sisters are the best!!! Yes I'm being bias! I love them to death. I can tell my sisters anything and everything and they'll still love me forever :P I have so many memories of mine. Some wonderful, and some I'd like to disown and start over. (blushing) There's your blood sisters and then the sisters God gives you when you are a child of God. You think you have it all, and God blesses you with more...I have two sister-n-laws also. We even tease and gripe with them too. I thought I'd share some pics and stories about us sisters.

I've been nicknamed Lucy! Good thing I have a sense of humor! And good thing my sister's have a sense of humor....or....I probably wouldn't be here today!

Here's a typical Lucy moment! I invited my sister to our church's Christmas party at our pastor's wife's house! My sis said yes before really putting any thought into remembrances of past excursions with me....we got a babysitter (dear hubby's)we dressed up and EVEN baked some things...AND stopped by Safeway to pick up some more sweets....Well, half the fun is getting ready right???

My sister's and I have ALWAYS made every single experience together usually an adventure or rather hilarious mishap....maybe we're all Lucy's!

Like the time me and ruthie(lil sis) got Alison (middle sis) dressed up in makeup for our pictures together.

Mom said she didn't even recognize her!


Middle sister said she was wiping it all off, while lil sis held her arms behind her back and big sis told her she was beautiful and she should wear makeup more often.....

Here's the problem....

We probably shoulda TOLD middle sis HOW to put it on....cuz the next time we saw her and everyime we saw her....she wore the same WHITE eyeshadow ALL over her eye....

with EVERYTHING she wore! Yeah...and she refused an invitation to Extreme Makeover!

Of course...she's beautiful anyway...and now she wears makeup....but no eyeshadow! I pick another color. Maybe that's a good thing.

My sister loves to try different make-up, and if you're one of those kiosk people in the mall...make sure you offer to give her a free makeover, cuz she'll totally buy your make-up, emory boards, cell phone covers...

she has more make-up then the president of Mary Kay...she'll wear her new make-up for a week and then it sits in a drawer until big sissie "borrows" it :) That would be me!

Oh my...back to my lucy moment:) So we're all dressed up and the baking is done and we stopped by the store... We're on our way...and alison asks me where the party

"I believe..."

Yeah as soon as the words, "I believe dot dot dot" come out of my sister is mentally preparing for another one of those wild nights.

"Um...I believe it's the very next drivway past the church...I think..I'm pretty sure!" duh

I think we drove down the road in the front and back of the church...mind you this is out in the country and we can't REALLY see anything. And since Pastor's-wife's-house-in-burlington-wa doesn't come up in a GPS, we were pretty NOT sure where we were.

The party started at 7pm...I was about 7:30 when we pulled into a long gravel driveway with a house completely decked out with lights and santa's sleigh in the front yard...hmm...maybe that should've given us a clue...but here we are spinning gravel and honking....(not really);0

and there was....grandma and grandpa rockin' in the living room!

Clearly, we were at the wrong house! I don't think my sister was ready to kill me...


I offered that maybe we should sing a carol or something and leave them a brownie, but my sister was already spitting gravel out of the driveway!

Finally, I got the nerve to call the hostess and ask where they live, and apologize that we were running late!

Boy, let me tell you, was she glad I called....

Since the party was NEXT week at 6 o'clock!

Then there were times we were a bit guilty of having a someone's expense.

Little sis and I headed to The Melting Pot one night!

We didn't realize they only took reservations...but they sat us anyway. We were already in a rare mood having made a homevideo on the way there.... singing(not pretty)...No we're not on YouTube (yet)

So we ordered our fondue and asked for hot tea. well they didn't serve hot tea. So we proceeded quite proudly to let him know that in Switzerland we had hot tea with our fondue! Because hello, not only is it french etiquette, but it helps to digest the cheese! Well the poor guy was flustered the rest of the night, perceiving he was waiting on some French ladies!

My sis and I hammed it up even more by saying whatever we could remember in French! teehee Boy he was so nervous, he was asking US how to prepare the fondue. Lil sis told him he needed to add more garlic! teehee we were rolling everytime he left the table. Everytime we said thankyou in french he would just kinda giggle nervously. Well, we might have had a hilarious time at his expense but it was a memorable time and yes, we did leave him a nice size tip...some souvenier money from Switzerland.

I'm kidding...tee hee

Here is a pic of me, sis-n-law and little sis...trying to take MY test...together!

Which reminds of another Lucy moment! Sheesh! Why me? Middle sis and I were headed to the airport to pick up Lil sis for yet another sisterly adventure. I was studying madly for a test I had to turn it THAT day for nursing. Middle sis brought all her gizmos and gadgets with us so I could take the test along the way and not miss meeting little sissie at the airport! We were early to Seattle so we pulled into Denny's to use their Wi-Fi...they said they didn't have WE pulled up VERY carefully....and closely...behind a camper trailer in the parking lot, hoping to catch a free signal of THIER Wi-Fi.. such luck...We did however, manage to see the Seahawks score a goal on Grandpa's big flat screen!:P

So we tried Mc we raced to the airport, up the garage and into the airport we ran with cords flying behind us and textbooks in our arms...I had 30 minutes to get the test done and posted online!!!

I thought Wi-Fi was free in the airport!!! Really!

Two or four latte's later, a membership to starbucks and At&t, later...we squeezed into a small table and got online to take the sis who is an RN was trying desperately to help solve the problems...I was sooo stressed....Yes we got the test done two minutes early.

My Lucy moment? Realizing after all the drama and stress that it was due NEXT Friday!!!!! AAAUGHGHGHH!

This pic is the three of us with mom(taking photo) having High Tea! A tradition we started years ago...whenever we get together we find a tea house and splurge a little for some afternoon tea and crumpets!!! Mind you it's anything, but classy, reserved, sofisticated, or elegant...US..not the tea house! We bring down the tea house to a whole new level! :)

Ever since I can remember, we've always sang together...Sometimes it was beautiful and sometimes....ewww...

One time my sister invited me to sing with her at the Alzheimers place where her and her husband ministered at on Sundays. She played the guitar and we sang a couple songs. I thought we did pretty good. After so many years apart, we could still hit the soprano and alto parts together.

Well, apparently I'm tone deaf!!!

Cuz as soon as we ended our duet, the guy sitting in front of us in a wheelchair(who used to sing in a boy's choir) was shaking his head, "That was TERRIBLE! Just TERRIBLE!" wow...what do you say to that? You don't, just put your guitar away...and if your have to leave the room because you're crying and splitting your sides from laughing soooooo HARD!!!!

We are on our way to Levenworth, WA here...hootin' and hollerin the whole way with stories and drama...and little did we know poor grandma was sick in the car! We felt so bad...but we KNOW she had an INCREDIBLE time with us. ;)

Our most favorite shop! Guess? Not target, Macy's, or Pier One...

the hat shop!

We've been there two or three times! Just to try on hats and be goofy! Sister's definitly bring out the kid in you and SILLY for sure!!!

Three sisters stopping at a waterfall by the side of the road going through Stephen's Pass! You notice they both were grabbing me...they intended on throwing me underneath the waterfall!!!!

I think we discovered where we inherited our crazy, misunderstood, humor! My Aunt Jeanne!

My sis and I went on a mini road trip down to Spokane to see our Auntie!

The three of us, Alison, me, and Ruthie...together for Ruthie's birthday! Attempting to make Fondue!!!!

Our very first High Tea together with my grandma and my mom! Like our hats!

My sister and I exploring the Cascade Mountains together! Lots of adventures we had on Mt. Baker!!!

Two little sisters(my daughters)who remind me of my own. They are best buds...they do everything together...I know they will have so many precious memories to cherish as my sisters and I have...May they be just as wild, adventurous and hilarious as ours are!!!

To my sisters who "lurk" on my blog! I love you so much! Thank you for all the wonderful memories and crazy adventures and for laughing and crying with me when I really needed it! Muah! XO


HOPE said...

Lucy...did you have to make me CRY!

Audra said...

That is such an amazing story. I have two sisters as well and though we live in the same state, less than ten miles apart, we rarely see each other. You've inspired me to renew my relationship with my sisters and have a "high tea" or some fondue just to renew our bond.

You are the bestest sister in Christ a girl could ask for!


Jessica said...

Wow, finaly tonight I feel as though I am atleast partly human. John and I are making applesauce and while the apples are cooking I got to actually sit down and read your blog and I am so glad. I was laughing, you all look as though you love to be with each other and that is a blessing. I am so looking forward to that bond for my girls. You are all so blessed to have each other, thank you for sharing that with us!

Aubrey said...

awww...Audra I hope you do! Thank you Jessica!

Carrie said...

What a great post! I live 30 minutes from my sisters and we hardly ever see each other. Makes me miss them....

sasicas said...

I think Lucy is a pretty good name for you ;) Or spaz, that one works well too hehe