Saturday, October 10, 2009

Farm chicks and Kites!

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! The Fall weather is absolutely gorgeous here...CHILLY...BRRRR....but the scenery is worth enduring the cold! Yesterday I went to pick up some raw milk from my friend who runs a dairy farm with her husband. She has two precious little girls who were more than eager to give us a tour of all THREE barns. They milk 130 cows twice a day! We fill up about three gallons of fresh, raw milk every week! So thankful for the Lord providing this for us!

This is Madelyn...I will be doing a photoshoot of her and her sister soon at their farm!

The "farm chics" cuddling up with the 3rd litter of kittens! Seventeen kittens all together!!! The girls were so excited!

Genevieve was trying to guess which big cat was the mama...she picked one up and after checking out their belly she said matter-of-factly, "Nope, this ain't the mama cat cuz she doesn't have any DRINKING HOLES!!!!! LOLOLOLOL

Madelyn and Marissa showing off their new calf that was born the night before. They had about 12 newborn calves...they were in their own pens in the "nursery". They all looked alike but my girls had to go into each pen and pet all of them.

This cute little dog was not about to let Genevieve out of his sight with "her" kitten! The mama cat was injured and not taking care of her kittens so this little dog adopted all of them, even started producing milk and nursing the kittens!!!! Have you ever heard of that??? Everytime the girls put the kittens down the dog would pick them up with his mouth just like the mama cat would. It was hilarious!

Here's Marissa with the "mama" dog!

Today we went to the Kite Festival on Maple Ridge..a rightful name for this beautiful farm.

Avery decorated his kite he made with the New York Giants!!!

Genevieve was so happy getting her kite way up in the air!
She wanted to draw her family and her cat! I'm the lady with the curly hair. ;)

I took some pictures of a bit of the valley from where we seems we're on a higher elevation than where the base sits. We took a drive to see all the beautiful maple trees! I thought I'd share some of the scenery...we plan to go hiking next weekend where I hope to get some close-ups and better pics...these were taken from the car on our drive. The picture of the house/barn is where we had our kite the winter it's open for snow tubing. Can't wait! :)

I took this picture on the way of home. This little cafe is just down the street from my house. I just LOVE the BLUE pots with the bright yellow mums!!! Look at the black and white checked patio! LOVE it! :)

Have a wonderful evening!


HOPE said...

The white picket fence picture is GORGEOUS! The colors in your photos are wonderful..and show the PERFECT day.

The kitties are precious and oh what a sweet...DOGGITTY..Mama..LOL

What about Z-cafe's fancy dancy scarecrow!!

I'm so glad you all had soooo much fun.

The kite with MOMMY is just tooo tooo CUTE!


Parchey Family said...


Your pictures are great and it makes me miss Lowville. Cafe Z has really good hot tea and desserts. Glad you are having fun. I love Lowville in the fall.

Aubrey said...

The scarecrow in the cafe pic is one left from the cheesecake festival. They had a scarecrow contest and the put all the scarecrows up around town after the festival!