Saturday, October 10, 2009

Checking in!

Update on slow year 2009: No more sweet corn...I will miss it! We ate it an abundance the last month! The apple fest is now going on and I plan to can apples and applesauce this week. I will also save some apple slices to freeze for pies this winter! Last of the rasberries to be picked this week for making freezer jam! Been going once a week to the dairy farm for my raw milk, filling up recycled return I have offered to do a photoshoot for her two children. :)

My purchases have been food and gas only the last 2 weeks, however I will need to purchase a couple yards of fleece next week, that I hope to find remants on sale actually. I've made over 100.00 dollars selling my fleece hats! Yay! This will help me purchase the much needed winter coats I need for two of my children, will be thrifting for these of course. :) Not having any luck lately for winter stuff at yard sales, which are getting fewer because the weather has been cold and rainy.

May be looking at moving...again. Only because someone offered hubby a cheaper rent that includes utilites. Well, the water is well water. Better for us anyway. We pay 900 dollars PLUS all utilities right now for a four bedroom house with garage, basement, back porch. Our house is downtown, a walk to nearly everything.

This "new" house is out in the country(not that we already aren't) the difference being that I would have land to have chickens for eggs, meat birds, and could have the biggest garden ever next year. It has FIVE bedrooms and TWO garages, wood stove, all utilites for 600 dollars a month! Hmmm...cons? That hubby would had 15 minutes longer commute to work. He says so what? we're saving about 400 to 500 dollars a month. The house is being renovated right now. Oh and it's across the street from the dairy farm where I currently get my raw milk.

I LOVE where I live right now! I have a awesome neighbors, places to walk to like the farmer's market, ect. YARD SALES, ...I guess that's it. I can see why hubby wants to move AND I do see lots of PROS to moving out there, but I WILL definitely be OUT THERE! ykwim? Like nothing but us and the cows!!!

What do you think? I'm not making a hasty decision here...I want to think about the pros and cons and how this will affect our slow year. It will mean a 45 minute to an hour drive for hubby versus the 30 minute drive, but then again he won't be here from this coming Jan till Jan 2011!

I will be posting a series soon on home remedies I use for the winter months! :)


HOPE said...

SNOW...remember!! and I personally...of course...that you have such great neighbors to care for you.

The drive can get weary...ask someone we know!!!

and...just a and there is nice!

Our growing family said...

I just wanted to introduce myself...stumbled upon your blog and found that we have similar intrests, so I added you to the reader so I can keep up to date on your posts!
My name is Tarena, love photography, eat whole real foods, have 4 kiddos, love Jesus, homeschool...feel free to check out my blog:
Anyway...we have also been considering moving a bit further out and have struggled with the same questions...we pay much more here for rent and if I could get the deal you have been offered-I would go for it!! Pray and see what God's will is-He'll show you!
Blessings on your slow year!

sasicas said...

Well, it would be nice to save that extra money, PLUS all that extra deployment money will be nice too. The big issue is the vehicle. Do you have one with 4 wheel drive? Is it reliable for you to be way out there? How will Michael do when it comes time for him to get home and have to start that commute? How close will you be to your church?

Cant believe how cheap it is to live there. and you better not be praying for us to go there either, ya know Id hurt you ;)