Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Only fear the Lord and serve him in truth with all your heart:
for consider how great things he hath done for you.
I Sam. 12:24

Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature;
because I have refused him: for the Lord seeth not as man seeth;
for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh
on the heart. I Sam. 16:7

Lately, I've been talking to my children about these verses.
About their heart. About their attitude. They are all doing
daily chores, singing specials in church, serving guests at the
house, ect. but why are they doing these things? What is the
condition of their heart when they are washing dishes, folding
their clothes, singing at church, at home?

Is it out of gratefulness as the verse above mentions the
great things God's done for us? Is it with a cheerful and
thankful heart?

Do we serve with ALL our heart as the verse says.

It's not necessarily about them obeying and doing what they
were asked to do, but was their heart in it? Did they serve
with an attitude of joy. Loving one another as ourselves is
a huge part of serving one another with a thankful heart full of joy!

I want my kids to learn the importance of commiting their hearts
to service not just their hands or their voices. God's more
interested in what's in your heart than what your service is.
God's not interested in your trophies or ribbons, he longs to
find compassion, faithfulness, joy, and contentment in our hearts in
service to Him. Makes no difference what someone says or does,
because HE knows the thoughts and intents of our heart.

In thinking of the heart issue, I recently talked to a friend
who is going through a difficult time. We at some point or time
in our christian life have walked our own way instead of God's.
In our flesh, we struggle to grab ahold of God by diving into
service, church activities, prayer and devotions, ect. Which are
all good, but I'm reminded of God's Words, "to obey is better than
sacrifice" God is looking at our heart!

Are we contrite and humble before HIM, willing to obey and submit
that which took us away from his fellowship? Are the changes we
make, the service we do, to convince those around us we're right
with God?

God doesn't need sacrifices, or paybacks for your disobedience or
selfishness, He just needs YOU! You're whole heart! God's Word says,
"The Lord is nigh them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such
as be of a contrite spirit." God can restore such a heart!

I hope my children grasp the important truth of giving their
whole heart to God BEFORE they do service for anything or
anyone. I like to play gospel music while we're doing chores
or working, they sing along and the words remind us what our
service is all about and to whom it's for! They need to know
not just what to do, but WHY, HOW and for WHOM we are doing
these things!

I ask the Lord to remove any worthless affection, motive, or
attitude from my heart, so that I may serve with a heart that
glorifies Him. :)


J.H said...

Amen to that sister :-) Thank you for the reminder!

HOPE said...

Yes..amen. So well said as usual! You have such a wonderful way with words Aubrey. A gift of the LORD.

Love those precious faces...with hearts so sweet.